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A Look into the Life of Telenovela Star Jadyn Douglas

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On Mar 15, 2016
A Look into the Life of Telenovela Star Jadyn Douglas


Jadyn Douglas burst onto the entertainment scene at the young age of seventeen. After striking double deals with EMI/CMG for her flawless vocal skills as well as Universal Music Publishing Group for her multi-faceted songwriting abilities, the bilingual actress became an industry groundbreaker in more ways than one.  Both unique opportunities propelled her career to soaring heights by making her one of the first acts signed to R&B hit maker Ne-Yo’s label, Compound Entertainment. However, this was only the tip of the iceberg as she went on to dominate the national arena modeling in campaigns for Clairol Herbal Essences and appearing on What I Like About You.

Deeply-rooted in her Puerto Rican heritage, the Latina breakout star is on the horizon yet again as the sultry, young, Roxie Rios, on NBC’s hit show, Telenovela. Starring alongside Eva Longoria, Douglas’s compelling performance captivates worldwide audiences because as evidenced early in her career, she was born to take center stage. Furthermore, her harmonious lyrics can be heard on television shows such as The Hills, and are performed by songstresses including Ashley Tisdale. Her keen love for the arts coupled with an insatiable appetite to leave a lasting imprint within the industry has solidified Jadyn Douglas as one to watch, embarking on a journey ready to take Hollywood by storm.

New You had the opportunity to chat with the versatile entertainer about the influential effect of her Spanish roots, beauty advice, fave genre of music, and what’s next as her success story continues to unfold.


What does your character of Roxie Rios bring to the show Telenovela?

Roxie is the young, new, and sexy ingénue who is very bubbly and positive. She [Roxie] comes off a bit naïve but as the season unfolds viewers realize that she is not only smarter than she seems but she is also much more innocent than she appears. Personally speaking, it is a lot of fun to play a character with a variety of different layers.


For those who may not know, what exactly does the word, telenovela mean?

Telenovela is a Spanish soap opera. Similar to the way we have various English soap operas there are several different telenovelas. Our show on NBC is a workplace comedy based on the behind the scenes and personal lives of telenovela stars.


In that case, can you please explain the major differences between a Spanish soap opera and an English soap opera?

Unlike English soap operas, telenovelas tend to run for a shorter period of time. Sometimes they [telenovelas] only run for three months or six months, but it definitely all depends. However, they do end a lot sooner than English soap operas which is one of the major differences between an English and Spanish soap opera.

On the other hand, they are both always shot beautifully, with gorgeous lighting. I grew up watching telenovelas with my Puerto Rican mother. Therefore, it is so much fun to be able to incorporate that into our show because you get a glimpse of the beautiful lighting and huge fans blowing. I literally always joke you could be dying in a telenovela but trust and believe you will look flawless while doing so because there will be wind involved somehow. All in all, it is amazing to have the opportunity to merge both worlds.


Photo Credit: Nelson Castillo
Photo Credit: Nelson Castillo

What are you most looking forward to with season 2?

Honestly, I can’t believe how fast season one flew by! I am excited to witness all of the characters’ evolutions, as well as how the writers choose to take their individual journeys. I am also excited to see how Roxie will grow and whether or not she is going to have her first real romantic relationship because as of right now, she is very innocent. There are quite a few possibilities for the second season and obviously the big question is will Ana [Eva Longoria’s character] get back with Xavi (Xavier) [Jencarlos’s Character]. It will be fun and also exciting to witness how it will all unravel because it will be a surprise for us just as it is for the viewers. We [the actors] seriously have no clue!


Wow, there are a lot of endless possibilities and a ton of exciting moments to look forward to.

Oh, totally! Contrary to popular belief, we don’t find out months in advance instead we find out week to week as the writers write the script.


While working on set with Eva Longoria, do you have a funny moment or anecdote you can share?

Gosh, we laugh entirely too much! As amazing, graceful, and flawless as she is, she can [literally] just throw herself out there. I remember a time when she fell a few times and all of us came rushing by her side to lend a helping hand. Her response was very nonchalant, “guys I’m totally fine!” We actually ended up incorporating that scenario into one of our story lines. Seriously, if she trips we all immediately gasp (laughs). At the end of the day, she fully throws herself into her character’s role because she is not afraid to look silly or go against the norm. For instance, she will wear what seems to be 30-inch heels and a long fully draped dress all the way to the floor. Anyone else would definitely trip and fall, but she doesn’t, not her, not Eva! We all laugh constantly because we have a good time on set with many funny moments.


Photo Credit: Nelson Castillo
Photo Credit: Nelson Castillo


What is the most important beauty advice you can give to other women?

I am one that does not believe in sleeping in makeup. I am a strong stickler that you should go to bed with a clean face. Don’t forget to moisturize extensively. Personally, I feel I am in between stages where I don’t have wrinkles quite yet, but it is an easier process to prevent than correct moving forward. Overall, keeping your skin moisturized is huge as well as utilizing products that will protect your skin from the sun.


How would you say your Spanish roots influence your artistry as a singer, songwriter, and actress?

I am so proud to be Puerto Rican! My dad is American and my mom is Puerto Rican. I was born in San Juan but raised in Nashville since the age of two. Although I have grown up in the states, I have always been appreciative of my heritage. Despite the fact I may not look Latina, it is a nice reminder that we embody various shades, shapes, and colors. If you look at the cast of the show, it is beautiful to see the diversity we represent among Latino culture.

On the musical front, I am going to get back into music and I am extremely excited to do so. It has always been crucial for me to do an English album and a Spanish album, or somehow merge the two into one. I have dreamed of doing both since I can remember, therefore, I do not ever want to limit myself to just one because they are both equally important to me. Beyond any doubt, it certainly plays a huge role in who I am because at the end of the day it is WHO-I-AM and I am beyond proud of it.


Being a musician yourself, who are some of your favorite artists or genres of music?

I grew up listening to all types of music. Everything from Puerto Rican merengue singers to the huge bluegrass gospel group called The Isaacs. I absolutely adored and thought Sonya Isaacs was amazing. Till this day she still is amazing! Once I began to transition into middle school, I started listening to Mariah Carey and, “Oh My!”. Instantly she became my favorite. Hero was always my go-to song if I needed to sing for someone. As you can see, I have a lot of musical influences and I really appreciate that it is not just one genre but a variety. Once again, these elements collectively make me who I am and will, one way or another, contribute to my musical sound.


It’s funny you mentioned Mariah Carey because a few weeks ago I went to Vegas and saw her #1 to Infinity residency. Talk about Ah-mazing!

That is so awesome, I have seriously always loved her! If you speak about modern day, hands down I would have to say Queen Bey takes the crown for me, no questions asked. If you are speaking of musical influences of when I was growing up, those artists/genres greatly impacted my artistic nature.  However, speaking of today, right now, in this very moment, it is pretty hard to beat Queen Bey. Talk about flawlessly gorgeous, with the undeniable ability to tear up the dance floor and let us not even begin with the voice!


As a songwriter, do you only write for your own musical catalog or have you extended your songwriting talents to other artists as well?

Ashley Tisdale cut a song that I have previously written. I believe it was called Instant Gratification, but I am not sure. Sometimes you will write one version of a song and rewrite it because the label may say, they would like to change something and ultimately you have to tweak it.

A couple of the songs I have written were featured in several television shows, but most of the time when I write I am writing with inspiration for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I am never opposed to another artist cutting one of my songs because it is super fun to have the opportunity to write for other people too.


Are there any new projects you are working on that you can speak about?

Truthfully, the focus has 100 percent been on Telenovela. With our season just wrapping, I am now able to get to a place of possibly pursuing other avenues while on hiatus. I look forward to finding out what 2016 holds, from making guest appearances on television shows to major films and musical projects. These are some of the aspects I will be pursuing, but I do not have anything to share in detail yet. As previously mentioned, I am extremely excited to see what 2016 holds and I look forward to getting back on set for Telenovela, Season 2!


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