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A Most Beautifully Unscented How-To

By New You Editorial
Posted On Sep 18, 2017
A Most Beautifully Unscented How-To

Ever have a bad case of “scent-sory” overload getting ready in the morning? Even the most ardent fragrance lover can be hard pressed to layer too many scented personal care products together at one time.


Summertime, with its open windows and outdoor activities welcomes the use of fragranced products en masse. But as temps cool in Fall and Winter, things tend to change. Rooms with closed windows and poorly circulating dry air can magnify fragranced personal care items like body lotion, shampoo and even mouthwash 10 fold. Add in a scented candle or two and an office or common room can start to smell quite sickening rather than sweet. And more than just annoying (have you ever sat next to someone who was so heavily perfumed you could taste it?) people with medical conditions, particularly respiratory issues, allergies, or even just recovering from a cold can be made quite ill when exposed to even the lightest fragrance. And if you have a job interview coming up – be sure to tap into the fragrance-free products we suggest below!


We have a great collection of beautifully Unscented products we can suggest that will help avoid the pitfalls of layering too many scented personal care products at once. These are all natural and have the added benefit of being great for sensitive skin, in addition to being kind to your nose. I want to underscore that these are “beautifully unscented” meaning they have little to no perceptible scent. Some Fragrance Free products can smell like glue or other nasty ingredients which is why many brands add fragrance to cover in the first place. Here are some try-worthy products, sans scents.



CV Skin Labs Body Repair Lotion – deeply hydrating and formulated by medical pros to be completely soothing for sensitive skin. Has no scent – nada, nothing! ($36, cvskinlabs.com)


Conscious Coconut – 100% USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified™, Virgin, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil in a 3.4 oz. travel ready tube. Moisturizes from top to toes and emits an almost imperceptible natural coconut scent. ($17, consciouscoconut.com)

Freedom Natural Deodorant in Sensitive Unscented – comes in two sizes (Travel Mini) and full 1.9oz size. Strong enough to stop odor naturally, but completely odorless. ($17, freebrandsinc.com)

Erin’s Faces Shea Butter Body Balm – a luscious rich blend that moisturizes but does not leave a scented trail behind. ($25, erinsfaces.com)

Kosmatology Free + Clear Lotion Bar – a convention product in an unconventional form! Made with Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Oil, and Candelilla wax, this is completely fragrance free. ($11, kosmatology.com)

Odylique Natural Sun Screen SPF 30 – is one of the brand’s bestselling products. Made with a host of natural ingredients this has a natural butter color and a very light scent of sunflower and shea butter that dissipates a few minutes after applying. ($48, odylique.com)

For cosmetics with no fragrance including lipstick, lip gloss and bronzer, NU Evolution’s entire mineral makeup line has no fragrance. Find them at nuevolutioncosmetics.com