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April is Rosacea Awareness Month

By Samantha Boden
Posted On Apr 21, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 4.25.56 PMIn honor of Rosacea Awareness Month, we’ve selected a few of our favorite Rosacea fighting products.

By: Samantha Boden

I am a natural red head, have fair skin, freckles, and suffer from Rosacea, a condition that causes redness and sometimes small, red bumps on the face. Appearance can vary from a cute rosy glow to an uneasy red mask and can sometimes inflict emotional pain. Certain factors trigger Rosacea such as sun exposure, stress, hot weather, alcohol, wind, and spicy foods. The exact cause is unknown, and while there is no cure for Rosacea, it can be controlled with particular therapies and products. If you know your triggers, you can find a treatment right for you to control your Rosacea.

The National Rosacea Society (rosacea.org) has elected April as Rosacea Awareness Month to educate the public on the signs of this chronic but treatable disorder affecting more than 16 million Americans. Here, in honor of Rosacea Awareness Month, I share some of my favorite Rosacea fighting products that have helped me tone down the redness:

The combination of Hydropeptide’s Soothing Serum ($130) and Solar Defense SPF 30 ($44) not only protect me from the sun’s rays, but also calm my skin and ease the redness (hydropeptide.com).

LING Skincare Vitamin K Anti-Redness Calming Solution helps reduce the redness around my hairline ($75, lingskincare.com).

Since one of my trigger factors is stress, and stress leads to sweat, I use Neat Feat 3B Face SaverGel every day. This is the first step in my daily make up routine and really stops facial sweating and soothes redness ($11, amazon.com).

Merle Norman Anti-Redness foundation primer’s green tint neutralizes visible redness and is fragrance free. This is my second step in my makeup routine ($24, merlenorman.com).