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Ashley Greene on helping others and natural beauty

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jul 18, 2017
Ashley Greene on helping others and natural beauty


Beauty was the topic of discussion at this year’s Simply LA Fashion & Beauty Conference. Ashely Greene, most notably known for her role in The Twilight Sagas, was on hand to talk all things beauty, helping others, and loving yourself.


An organization close to her heart, Ashley tells us why she feels strongly about the cause. “I’m all about female empowerment and people being kind to each other and giving each other information, helping them along the way. I think it’s just an important thing especially in this day and age, where for lack of a better term, there’s a lot of hate out there and so I think people are noticing that making a big change and being advocates for people loving people, women loving women.”


Taking great pride in her participation at this important event, Ashley explains how she enjoys helping others through sharing her own story. “For me, it’s a huge thing for people to take advice from me and for to be able to kind of share my journey and hopefully help someone else with theirs and give them the confidence to do so. A lot of industries, especially health, beauty, and any kind of creative, is a difficult thing to break into, so for me, it was incredible to give people advice and hopefully give them that extra oomph to be able to keep going.”


With a naturally flawless look all her own, Ashley filled us in on her own beauty routine. “I keep it very simple. Water is no secret. Hydration is very important for the skin. I use natural serums, green tea, vitamin C, I think it’s a huge thing. Apart from skin care, with beauty, it’s important to know that you keep true to yourself. For me, it’s a big thing to accentuate my features but also not try and change who and what I look like and embrace that. Hopefully, other people do that too. I think you should be able to look in mirror and be comfortable with yourself without makeup on and say ‘I feel beautiful and I love who I am.’”