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By New You Editorial
Posted On Feb 16, 2017

NEW YOU caught up with Ashley Tisdale at the Olay DUO Launch event in Los Angeles today. She had never been to such an event before and was excited about the whole experience from the yoga this morning to the huge dance party that took place after. “I am a huge fan of Olay products,” she gushed. “I recently got the Olay DUO products before it hit the shelves and I am absolutely obsessed with it. It has a bar soap, body wash, and exfoliator all in one so it is super accessible, really easy to use, and I don’t forget to exfoliate.”

When asked about her glowing skin, Ashley reminded us of her makeup line Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale and said that a good highlighter always makes a person glow. Her beauty rituals each day are just as important. “For me, exfoliation is a big one because you have to get those dead cells whether it is on your face or your body – it just invigorates your whole experience,” she said. Ashley also reminded us that she drinks lots of water every day. “I think people forget to do that on a daily basis.” When it comes to keeping fit, she says she works out a lot. “I have recently been into more kickboxing,” said the actress and director. “Before, I was really into private training but now I am into circuit training with a bunch of people and kickboxing. I also love to do Training Mate (in West Hollywood) and I always do yoga and Pilates.” As for her other health and beauty routines, Ashley takes amongst others, vitamin D and credits her hairstylist for keeping her hair healthy no matter how many times she changes her hair color. “I use Biotin and I am a huge fan of deep conditioner once a week,” she says. When it comes to making sure all her makeup is off at night, Ashley swears by Olay’s face wipes. “They are so perfect at night because sometimes a face wash does not get all your makeup off so with Olay Face Wipes, you actually feel that you have no makeup on and you are clean for the night,” says the “High School Musical” actress.  To learn more about Ashley go to our exclusive interview with the talented actress/entrepreneur at Exclusive with Ashley Tisdale – Most Likely to Succeed.