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By Andrew Stone
Posted On Jul 28, 2016

If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect skin products, the time has come to get serious about your pH. Marisa Arredondo of Phace Bioactive walks us through her innovative skin-care line.

By Andrew C. Stone

Terrific skin is a real balancing act. Marisa Arredondo covered the beauty and biotech worlds as a Wall Street analyst. When adult acne showed up, she sought to create a premium line of pH-balancing products. Phace Bioactive (phacebioactive.com) is the result.


“We all have an internal pH and an external pH—the pH of our skin,” says Arredondo. When pH-balanced skin (neither too oily nor too dry) easily absorbs antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients, the protective layer— the acid mantle—will remain intact.


Phace Bioactive’s cleansers use alpha-, beta-, or polyhydroxy acids to remove dead skin cells. The serums and moisturizers (with their antioxidants, peptides, amino acids, and vitamins) are then absorbed beautifully into the skin. Phace currently offers seven products, with strong solutions for nearly every skin type.


The packaging of Phace Bioactive adds extra value, too. “I regularly see skin creams in high-end department stores in plastic, not airless containers, with sales prices in the three figures,” Arredondo notes. “Each time you open those jars of cream, the actives are exposed to oxygen and UV light. This destabilizes them, reducing the efficacy as time goes by.” Arredondo explains that sticking your finger—with all its bacteria—into a jar contaminates it. Phace Bioactive products are perfectly sealed in glass, ensuring the product stays effective.


To further enhance your glow, try to stay as alkaline as possible, on the inside. Arredondo suggests eating leafy green veggies, low-sugar fruits, nuts, and seeds. Avoid acid-forming foods—sugar, dairy, yeast, red meat, processed grains, alcohol, and caffeine.


“Alkaline-forming foods are naturally high in the exact vitamins and minerals needed for beautiful skin—antioxidants like beta-carotene and vitamins A, C, and E, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc,” she notes.


If this sounds hard to uphold, follow Arredondo’s lead and use the “80 percent alkaline, 20 percent acidic” rule. “This keeps your body at the correct pH,” she says. Because we all need a chocolate chip cookie once in a while.