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BB or CC

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jun 26, 2013

New You Beauty Tip: BB and CC take coverage to a lighter level. 

In the last year  BB creams have stormed the skincare market. More recently, CC creams have emerged. But what’s the difference? How do they work? Should you be wearing them? Both BB and CC creams offer a one stop shop solution by doing the job of five or six products in one. BB creams seem to be more ‘preventative’, while CC creams are more ‘corrective’. BB creams, or, “Beauty Balms,” moisturize, prime, provide SPF, treat skin impurities, conceal, and provide a lightweight/sheer foundation. CC creams, or, “Complexion Correcting Creams,” have all the benefits of a BB cream but boast to take their formula to the next level. CCs provide more coverage than BBs, while also evening out skin tone, correcting dark spots and brightening dull skin. The verdict: Both are great weapons for your beauty arsenal. Which one you choose should depend on your specific skin care needs.