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How to Get Beautiful Beach Waves

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jun 11, 2014

New You Beauty Tip: Create beautiful, natural-looking beach waves with this expert advice.

Everyone loves the beach wave look but it is not as simple as sitting on the sand and letting the salty air blow through your locks. Bill Murphy, celebrity hairstylist and creator of Recitals Haircare shares his tips on how to create this look with a few simple heat tools. Naté Bova, NYC celebrity hair stylist and Aviva Hair Revitalizer ambassador offers advice on how to get the look with a few simple products. “The foundation of this look is having layers to your hair framing the face and leaving the back almost one length. This will ensure the hair is curling in the right way,” says Murphy.

With Heat Tools:
1. ¾ to an inch-wide curling iron
2. Clips to section off your hair

Start by applying a product such as Recitals Melody Moisture Miracle Crème and Recitals Bolero Molding Gel to provide heat protection to damp hair before you blow-dry. Once the hair is dry, curl it from midway instead of from the top, Murphy advises. Hold the iron away from your face and rotate it. Hold it for a few more seconds, then release or slide your iron down lower and curl your hair inward. Repeat these steps as you move lower and lower, leaving a few inches at the bottom for a natural look. “Alternating your curling movements in opposite directions and doing them in different levels give the waves a natural appearance while preventing clumping,” Murhy adds.

Without Heat
1. Salt Spray Product

Spray a product like Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray liberally throughout damp hair from roots to ends. If your hair has a natural wave, let it air dry. If your hair is straight, section if off into four pieces. Braid each section and sleep on them overnight. When you wake up, take out the braids, toss your hair and voila! “The more often you practice this look, the better you will become at making the soft beach waves you desire,” adds Bova.