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Beauty, Bathe, and Bounce for Earth Day 2017

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On Apr 21, 2017
Beauty, Bathe, and Bounce for Earth Day 2017

Earth Day is great opportunity to thank mother earth for the air in our lungs and the ground beneath our feet. How does one celebrate such a day? You could hug a tree, plant a seed, and even cut your shower time down. Chances are you won’t be doing any of those. How about upgrading your cracked, chipped manicure with a fresh coat of vegan polish? Or take a soak in a tub of natural effervescent wonder? Check out our favorite environmentally conscious, better-for-you, natural products and tip your hat to the Earth that we all know and love.


Your nails can say a whole lot about you before you even go in for a handshake. So what does it say about your personal beauty care if you use polishes that don’t provide the best formula for the health of your nails? Not anything good… SpaRitual Nourishing Vegan Color ($12.50 SpaRitual.com) is your solution to a growing toxic nail polish problem. The popularity of polishes that are free of 5, 7, and even 9 of the most commonly used (yet potentially toxic) ingredients including formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, and xylene is on the rise. SpaRitual polish goes beyond that to bring you beautiful colors free of parabens, MEHQ, gluten, and any animal derived ingredients. These soft, spring-ready colors not only provide an enviable shade but allow your nails to breathe, heal, and repair themselves as oxygen and hydration are able to penetrate the polish thanks to a little something they like to call Advanced Oxygen Technology. Basically, this formula allows moisture to leave your nails so chipping and water-logging are less likely to happen. What does this mean for you? A mani that is not only gorgeous but nails that are stronger and healthier. Find six perfectly pretty shades and a gloss at SpaRitual to uncover a whole new kind of nail care.


Much like you after a Monday morning weekly projections meeting, your skin can get stressed out.
Everything from life’s day to day activities to the quality of the air in your office can affect how much of that ever-popular glow you really have. Most of what you can find on the shelf is loaded with harsh, heavy chemicals that do nothing but bog down your skin with layers of muck. Ahava is quite the opposite. A line completely free of petroleum, harsh synthetics, and GMOs, Ahava goes a step above the rest with bath, body, and skincare products that nourish your skin and release your not-so-hidden beauty. One of our favorites from this line is the Mineral Radiance Overnight De-stressing Cream ($55, Ahava.com). Detoxify, fight pollutants, and restore your natural radiance every night with a night cream that delivers hydration and nutrition while you sleep. Using OsmoGuard™, an exclusive blend of AHAVA’s mineral rich Osmoter™ and Pollustop™ and the moisturizer Venuceane™, this lightweight cream helps protect against skin stressors and photo-aging. Ahava Mineral Radiance Overnight De-Stressing Cream will help you redefine the meaning of beauty sleep.


Dry shampoo is the best thing to happen to hair since, well, dry shampoo! The shelves are flooded with spritzes, sprays, and splashes that promise that first day blow dry bounce for your third-day hair dilemmas. Grabbing any ol’ dry shampoo in the store can leave your hair feeling stiff, crunchy, and even gunky as some are loaded with fillers and formulas without the best of intentions. ABBA is known for their vegan, sulfate-free, and gluten-free products already but their all new Always Fresh dry shampoo ($20, pureabba.com) featuring a ProQuinoa Complex that is also free of aluminum and talc just rocked the boat. Not only does it help texturize and lift your locks between shampoos, it also helps repair and strengthen your hair. With argan oil to condition and improve elasticity, sunflower seed oil to nourish hair, and rice starch to absorb oil and prevent salt build up, this is the perfect post-gym, in-a-hurry-but-still-have-to-look-fabulous-for-work-after-an-intense-workout tool.


Nothing comes close to the luxury and all-encompassing richness of a soothing, piping hot bath. But a soak in artificial, unknown ingredients is anything but enjoyable. As one of our favorite past times when the kids are asleep, the homework’s been done, and the spouse is watching the big game, bath bombs were a must for our Earth Day round-up. Pearl Bath Bombs ($16.99, pearlbathbombs.com) are made up of natural salts, mixed with a special blend of oils, fizz, and other natural ingredients. In addition to a large array of deliciously fantastic and whimsical scents that of which include everything from sea goddess, mother of dragons, and morning rose, these little balls of lovely include a fun surprise in the middle. A stunning cocktail ring awaits the end of your bath. Once the ball has dissolved, a small container in the middle will reveal the new addition to your jewelry lineup. Bath time will never be the same with Pearl Bath Bombs.


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