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Beauty Blogger Tips for Perfect Gel Nails

By Toni Negas
Posted On Aug 02, 2016
Beauty Blogger Tips for Perfect Gel Nails

By Toni Negas

Blogger Whitney Sharpe offers New You her tricks for getting a stand-out gel manicure when you can’t make it to the salon.

With over 30,000 viewers to her beauty blog, Whitney Sharpe (whitneyslookingsharpe.tumblr.com) knows a few things about beauty, fashion, and being a gorgeous girl-on-the-go. We stole some moments with Sharpe to become gel nail insiders.


New You: Are there any tips for applying long lasting gel nails myself?

Whitney Sharpe: The most important step for a gel manicure is prepping properly. First, push cuticles back to make nails look bigger. Then apply a cuticle oil such as Londontown Kur Nourishing Cuticle Oil ($25, londontownusa.com).

Londontown Kur Nourishing Cuticle Oil

It’s full of essential oils and vitamins that keep cuticles healthy. Remember to push cuticles back gently to avoid damage.


NY: What do you recommend for an easy at-home gel manicure?

WS: As a beauty blogger, it’s my job to test everything. I tried a few at-home nail kits and Solo One-Step Gel Manicure Starter Kit ($100, ulta.com) is definitely my favorite.

Solo One-Step Gel Manicure Starter Kit

You don’t need a base coat or top coat. All you need is one color. It’s really simple, and you can go through the process in a third of the time compared to the other brands. Plus, I try to lead a healthy life, so I don’t want my nail polish to have anything bad in it that can potentially get into my body. Solo One- Step is formaldehydefree, which I really like.


NY: What will prolong the wear time of gel nails?

WS: I apply a really thin first coat, put it under the light provided with the Solo One-Step kit to cure, then do another coat and cure under the light one more time. If coats are too thick, they won’t dry properly.


NY: Do you have any tips to keep the manicure shiny?

WS: Apply acetone to a cotton ball to wipe the nail. You’ll instantly get the shine back you had on the first day of the manicure. Do it every day, or whenever you notice dullness. This is essential if you use lotions.


NY: How do you achieve a safe removal?

WS: Buffing each nail before you start the removal process makes it a lot easier. I don’t recommend soaking nails in polish remover. It exposes the skin on your fingers and dries out hands. Use the remover aluminum foil wraps included in the Solo One-Step kit and wrap your nails for 10 minutes. The polish will come off easily.


Extra Tip 
For a fun French manicure, or to protect against unwanted nail polish mishaps, try Liquid Palisade by Kiesque, ($22, kiesque.com).PALISADE

It’s like painter’s tape for nails, protecting the cuticles and skin during nail polish application. Just apply it around your nail, paint on your favorite polish, and peel away to reveal the perfect paint line. When applying gel at home, we suggest you peel Liquid Palisade off before curing under the UV lights.