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Beauty company on the verge of disrupting a multi-billion dollar industry and why you should take notice

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jul 19, 2018
Beauty company on the verge of disrupting a multi-billion dollar industry and why you should take notice

DNA personalization is about to change everything about the way in which people live their lives. With the advent of affordable genetic testing, the demand for personalized goods and services is exploding. One company is at the forefront of this enormous industry shift. By providing a breakthrough solution to the rapidly increasing demand for personalization, Targeted Skin is on the verge of disrupting a multi-billion dollar industry!


While many companies such as Ancestry.com and 23andMe provide genetic testing, Targeted Skin is the first genetics company focused on developing and pairing consumer products specifically tailored to an individual’s genetic needs. Founded in 2015, the US-based company is on a mission to deliver customized product lines to individuals based on their genetic results, which will enhance their overall health, wellness, and beauty.


The Targeted Skin DNA test zeros in on 15 different genetic markers that relate to five categories of skin appearance and aging. Through proprietary algorithms, Targeted Skin uses genetic results to create customized skin care regimens made up of their 21 unique branded products. Through the synchronization of genetics with products, Targeted Skin is helping to remove the guesswork created by the extremely crowded skin care marketplace, with the significant added benefit of saving the consumer money.


“We are simplifying the confusing choices around the thousands and thousands of products that are pushed at us as consumers daily,” Targeted DNA Managing Partner Dr. Chris Graf said. “With such a wide variety of products available, there is no way to know which products are best for you as an individual. It’s all trial and error. What works for a friend may or may not work for you. People today are spending tons of money on skin care products, with no way of knowing whether or not they work.”


By using individual genetic profiles to create customized skin care routines, Targeted Skin is taking a revolutionary approach to solving the skin care industry’s most significant consumer trust problem. “We are using your genetics to recommend products, in contrast to a traditional company selling off of a sales reps opinion or by trying to sell the overstocked inventory,” Graf said. “We make custom recommendations just for you based off of the latest scientific research in skin genetics.”


Since DNA is empirical, Graf asserts that customers are guaranteed results. ”We improve your outcomes with our skin care regimens for less money. We tell people all the time that we are “Grounded in Science” but that you should ultimately “Judge us by our results!” People come up to us all the time to thank us because they have received compliments on their skin that they have never received before. It makes us proud to see the big smiles and confidence that we can help give people.

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