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Blow Dry Blunders

By New You Editorial
Posted On Mar 15, 2013

New You Beauty Daily Tip: Think high volume, low damage when it comes to blow drying your hair.

Like many women, your hair needs a boost; but what to do? Stop blow-drying a sopping wet mane, and start focusing on the right products and tools! The process takes longer, results in greater heat damage, and does not produce better results, according to Fred Segal salon head, Matthew Preece. “It’s super important to use the proper equipment! Ask your hairstylist what is good. Personally I recommend a Barbar 3800 Blow dryer because it’s light, powerful and perfect for home use.” Next, step is to ensure your using the best brush. Choose a ceramic ionic round brush to help with smoothing shine and volume. Now that you’ve got the right equipment, make sure to style right. For the ultimate volume, lift your hair at the roots and wrap it lightly around the brush, then aim the dryer directly at the roots.


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