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Body Betrayal: Five Body Parts That Age Faster Than Your Face

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On Nov 01, 2016
Body Betrayal: Five Body Parts That Age Faster Than Your Face

With aging comes the dreaded problem of having to deal with skin issues. Whether they be age spots, wrinkles, or fine lines, if nothing else can giveaway our age, it would be our skin.

Though we’ve tried every anti-aging product on the shelves and more facial treatments than we can count, there are just some parts of our body that are destined to betray our age no matter what.

The thing is, with such a high emphasis placed on anti-aging facial products, we often forget about the other body parts that age just as quickly (if not faster) than our face.

  • Hands


Your hands will probably give away your age more than any other body part because of that fact that they’re exposed to so many different elements, making them quicker to dry out and wrinkle. It’s suggested to use sunscreen on the back of your hands as well as keeping hands moisturized overnight.

  • Eyelids


Your eyelids will stretch as you get older as well as the muscles becoming progressively weaker. As a result, this can cause an excess amount of fat above and below the eyelids, which will then cause bags under the eyes. Consuming less salt, drinking more water, and getting more sleep are a few ways to help prevent this problem.

  • Neck


Seeing that the skin of the neck is thinner than the face, the neck can easily look much older before anything else. Sagging skin is very familiar under the chin and neck, and this can happen at pretty much any age at a fast rate. In order to combat this, it’s recommended to use any product with peptides and retinol to help increase collagen production.

  • Elbows


Elbows are another body part that can age quite quickly due to the sun, dryness, and loss of sweat and oil glands. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done to prevent this from happening other than using a moisturizer to retain moisture and night creams.

  • Chest


Your forehead and crow’s feet aren’t the only places that can develop fine lines and wrinkles. The chest can also show signs of aging given its sensitivity and vulnerability to damage from the sun much like the face. It’s best to load up on sunscreens with an SPF of 45 or higher and apply anti-aging moisturizers in order to keep the chest area hydrated and smooth.

What are your favorite ways to prevent aging? We’d love to know!

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