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Botox by the Beach…

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jan 26, 2011

Last night, I received a last-minute invitation to an event at the Delano Hotel featuring Miami Beach plastic surgeon Leonard Tachmes, MD, who would be providing Instant Radiance Rejuvenation Treatments at the Agua Spa. I always like to know what new and innovative things are happening on the ground in this industry, so it was my job to know what those innovative “instant” treatments might be. It was also the end of a long day at the office and, frankly, I was looking forward to the mini massages they promised to provide curious consumers like me…

Champagne glass in hand, I weaved my way to the guest room in the luxurious white-washed penthouse suite where I found James (landscaper by day, massage therapist by night) who was doling out your choice of a neck and shoulder massage or a hand massage. I opted for hands so I could get a face-to-face download before tracking down Dr. Tachmes. Turns out Instant Rejuvenation is simply a branded service for a rising trend in the beauty industry: A spa partners with a local aesthetic surgeon or dermatologist to provide the next step up in service for their spa clientele. You guessed it – Botox (Dysport in this case) and fillers (Restylane, Perlane).

Now, this is different from the “medispa” concept, which focuses on providing cosmetic treatments “lite” (ie, laser hair removal, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, injectables). Spas, such as Agua, are where we go to find health, fitness, weight loss, beauty and relaxation – in the form of facials, massage, steam rooms, mineral pools – even yoga. And making injectable treatments available in this setting opens the door to those of us who otherwise wouldn’t know where to go or who to see to relax those wrinkles.

(Dr. Tachmes, I admire your approach and savvy!)

Seriously, folks. This trend seems to work on many levels (presuming that you’re already going to the spa, of course): (1) The doctor finds you (as opposed to you having the difficult task of finding the doctor). (2) Although there are never any guarantees, you can safely assume that the spa has researched the doctor to make sure that he or she is one of the best in the business (they can’t afford to risk your safety!). And (3) if you’re on vacation and want to enhance your total rejuvenation experience, it’s the perfect way to Botox (or Dysport) by the beach!

From the Editor’s desk,


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