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Break out of Winter Skin

By New You Editorial
Posted On Mar 22, 2013

New You Beauty Tip: Take care of your skin to avoid self-tan faux pas.






Spring has officially sprung, and many of us are devising self-tanning plans to break out of our winter skin. To create a perfectly even tone, and glowing complexion, it is vital to avoid the most common issue; dark, randomly dispersed blotches. During those blistering months, we often neglect to properly care for our faces, leading to dry skin covered by dead surface cells. “Attempting to tan without first removing this layer of dead surface skin is probably the most common tanning error,” said Toni Brattin the creator of the Toni Brattin Beauty Secrets line. So, before you apply, remember to exfoliate! Then, choose your product wisely. Quality brands will not yield the harsh odor that most products emit. Once you’re skin is ready for application, start with a spot test in a hidden location to avoid a potentially embarrassing breakout. Once your skin is ready for action, rub thoroughly and don’t forget to wear gloves!