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Bubble, bubble it’s time to bathe (and maybe cuddle)

By Cameron Peek
Posted On Jun 02, 2017
Bubble, bubble it’s time to bathe (and maybe cuddle)

There is no angry way to say bubbles. Go ahead, try it. You laughed, didn’t you? I’ve tried it countless times, and I always end up “cheesing” as they say. But who doesn’t love bubbles? There’s something about a hot steamy shower or warm bath overflowing with bubbles and delicious scents that just satisfies the soul. Warm vanilla or watermelon aromas can transport the mind to a warmer place that seems oh so familiar. Sometimes you need to spoil yourself and indulge, so turn on the hot water because it’s time to bathe. Be enlightened as we share some of our favorite bathing products. Don’t worry, if you prefer showers, we have something for you too.


Now I’ve always been an advocate for baths, but it’s hard to find a bath bomb that’s all natural and doesn’t look like a green ball of chalk. Fizz & Bubble solved these problems very easily with their latest creations, and their products are just as spunky as their name. They have been hand making these whimsical bath treats in Wilsonville, Oregon since 2007. They’re affordable, adorable and can be found at Ulta and online! With summer around the corner, here are a few of their newest vibrant bath bombs.

it's time to batheWatermelon Artisan Bath Fizzy ($6):

The first thing I think of when someone says “summer” is watermelon. The taste and look are nostalgic to summer itself.  Fizz & Bubble’s latest all-natural bath fizzy rounds up every feeling of summer. The watermelon scent teleports you back to picnics at the beach or backyard barbecues. It’s a piece of childhood fun that you can buy for six dollars. Whoever said you couldn’t buy happiness, didn’t know about these bath fizzies.

Mint Mojito Artisan Bath Fizzy ($6):it's time to bathe

Next up is the tropical mint mojito that was crafted to resemble the classic mojito cocktail. It’s the perfect concoction of citrusy lime with muddled mint and sugarcane undertones. This bath fizzy might not bring you back to your childhood, but it’ll surely put you in a tropical mood. Picture yourself lounging in the bathtub, closing your eyes and you breathe in the mint and citrus. The powerful scents envelop your senses and excite your spirit as your body reaps the benefits. Who wouldn’t want that?

it's time to batheCoconut Cream Bath Fizzy Milkshake ($15):

Let’s be honest, we’re all little kids in grown-up bodies. This particular bath fizzy emits a savory vanilla scent and memories of running after the ice cream truck as a kid. It’ll take you back to the good ole’ days when your greatest dilemma was which ice cream to select on a hot afternoon. The coconut and vanilla scent makes it seem like you’re dropping vanilla wafers into your tub. It also comes in a charming cup with a pin-striped straw and contains ONE DOZEN fragrance-filled mini bath fizzies. If you love sponges, it comes with one of those too and the cup is dishwasher safe and therefore reusable.

The fizzy also features F&B’s signature ultra-moisturizing 8-Oil Blend which includes Aloe Vera, Coconut, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, Olive, Avocado, Sunflower, and Jojoba. In addition to strong infusions of oils, F &B takes great pride in their eco-friendly approach. These fizzies, along with their other products leave out unnecessary chemicals and animal ingredients. They don’t test on animals and they use natural, biodegradable ingredients.


Go ahead, read it again, it still says Doughnut Bath Bombs. Talk about innovation. Arianna Skincare has created these visually appetizing bath bombs that come in 3 lovely scents: Blueberry, Strawberry, and Lemon. What’s the best part, you might ask? They are made with almond oil and natural mineral sea salts. The abundance of moisturizing and nourishing properties leave your skin decadently soft. If only real doughnuts would benefit me in the same way these bath bombs do, but that’s another article in itself.it's time to bathe

Arianna Skincare is a down-to-earth company with very humble beginnings. CEO and founder, Miri Torres was diagnosed in 1998 with stage 4B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma disease. She went through aggressive chemotherapy treatments and later began to see signs of eczema in addition to rashes that covered her entire body. Her skin became sore and her immune system became very weak due to the aggressive treatments. This inspired Miri to create an all-natural skincare line with fun products like the doughnut you see here.

These doughnut bath bombs use the power of Dead Sea minerals. Not only do these doughnuts look like they’re fit for a king, they nurture, repair and invigorate the skin from the inside out. Arianna Skincare realizes that what goes into our skincare products is just as important as what does not. They never use harmful parabens, phthalates, synthetic alcohols, artificial dyes or preservatives in any of their products.

Simply pop the doughnut into your next bath and soak up the unending natural benefits. It’s a lot better than eating a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts, at least health wise. The delectable doughnuts are only $12.99 and can be bought here. They also turn your bath water into a beautiful swirl of pastel colors, if you weren’t convinced yet.


Maybe baths aren’t your thing, which is completely respectable. Luckily, there are “bath fizzies” for shower people too. Lizush has crafted shower steamers that you can buy here.  They look like rainbow truffles and appear just as edible as the doughnut bath fizzies. The steamers are also made with pure essential oils which can increase your energy and improve your mood. Lizush was watching out for all of us when they created the product. They didn’t want customers to be soaking in harmful toxins, which is why these steamers are all natural.it's time to bathe

Using one of the shower steamers isn’t a difficult task. You simply place the little truffle as close to your head as you can, under the drizzling water, when showering. If you want to get the fullest scent, try getting it wet before placing it under the showerhead. Say you want that same aroma in your kitchen, you can also use the scented shower steamer outside of the shower. Just place it in a bowl of hot water and breathe in the aromatic vapor as it sits next to you.

All of these scrumptious-looking bath products and relaxation might put you in the mood to cuddle too which is a great thing! Crazy enough, when you’re cuddling, your body releases oxytocin on the spot. Oxytocin is the feel-good hormone that can increase hormone production and help fight off infections. Essentially, you’re boosting your immune system because you’re feeling too good to get sick. I like that logic. I guess we’ve come to the conclusion that you need to do few things. First, you need to take more baths and showers. Second, find natural products with beneficial strong aromas. Lastly, cuddle more. Sounds like a good plan to me.