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Can you sip away stress?

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On Sep 06, 2016
Can you sip away stress?

Life happens. Your car will break down, the kids will get sick, and your boss will pile on the work – if you’re lucky it might not all happen on the same day, but don’t count on it playing out quite that easily. Stress can hit you like a ton of bricks (straight to the face) or it can slowly creep up on you to steal all the radiance from your once glowing skin. Whether you like to face it head on or take a more cautious, preventative approach, there are plenty of worthwhile options available right at your fingertips. One of our favorites is of the most delicious kind.


When the breathing exercises just aren’t enough to get your boss’ voice out of your nearly imploding head, De-Stress Mi Beauty Tea is your answered prayer. As one of the oldest and most trusted ways of combating stress, tea has long since been a go-to for many who suffer from the anxieties of life. What is this magic potion, you ask, and where can I find some?


MIYU Beauty is the latest company to tap into the limitless wealth of knowledge available by unearthing ancient Chinese medicinal practices. In 2013, MIYU Beauty launched with the idea to fuse the latest in scientific advances with Chinese beauty wisdom to create solutions that work from the inside out. Identifying that the repercussions of a stressful lifestyle include aged, overworked skin, MIYU Beauty provides a way to get your beautiful skin back by focusing on building a healthy body rather than just a skin type. Pairing tea and skincare, MIYU covers you both inside and out. We took a sip and here’s what we found.


Not just your typical cup of chamomile, this tea offers a little something extra. As a mix of rejuvenating peppermint, anti-inflammatory Chinese licorice and chamomile blossoms, and delicate pearls for the preservation of your highly-coveted youth, De-Stress Mi Beauty Tea (www.miyubeauty.com, $25) detoxifies your body from harmful stress with a boost of healthful antioxidants. With so much power packed into a single cup, you’d think this concoction would resemble a murky medieval elixir. Quite the contrary…



Upbeat peppermint meets comforting chamomile as deep licorice seeps through for a rich flavor with lingering smoothness. A truly unique combination of both savory and soft, the flavors soothe your senses while relaxing your mind. The subtle sweetness of chamomile pairs nicely with the crisp peppermint as each sip delivers refreshment. Whether you’re sitting on a comfy, perfectly worn into couch snug in your living room or like us in an icy cold office with a stiff-backed rolling chair, a cup of this will ease your stress and whisk you away to the land of no worries.

So the next time your gauge is about to hit 10, put down the rage-inducing coffee and steep yourself a cup of calm, cool, and collected. Your age-defying face will thank you for it.