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CARE SKINCARE – Husband and wife co-founders on HOW THEY MAKE IT WORK

By New You Editorial
Posted On May 09, 2019
CARE SKINCARE – Husband and wife co-founders on HOW THEY MAKE IT WORK

When Ricardo and Pilar Quintero set out to create Care Skincare, an expertly curated skincare line, their experience was second to none catapulting them into the beauty space with their simple straightforward brand of daily essentials.


Care Skincare Co-Founder, Ricardo Quintero, is a veteran of the beauty industry with a resume noting the likes of Procter & Gamble, The Estee Lauder Companies and Clinique. This husband and wife duo aims to overhaul the beauty game with its simplified luxury approach to skincare. The collection was formulated with highly effective multi-functional products addressing the skin’s most important needs using superior-grade ingredients. Also, as a clean beauty brand, all formulas were developed using only safe, proven ingredients that are fragrance-free. The line avoids retail markups and passes along the savings to the consumer by only selling online. Care Skincare is truly unique because every product was carefully formulated to provide multiple benefits. If you use them with consistency, you will see results. Isn’t that what everyone is looking for? New You had an exclusive Q&A with the founders on their creation of this new exciting line.

Question: In order to really thrive as an innovator in the beauty world, you have to love the experimentation element of formulation. Were you directly involved in the formulation of Care Skincare?

Answer: Absolutely. Pilar worked hand in hand with Debbie D’Aquino, who commands extraordinary knowledge and boasts over 30 years’ experience. She is a former Clinique Product Development VP. Together we established each product’s objectives ranging from benefits/function, aesthetics and packaging. Both of them worked with cosmetic chemists at our contractor’s lab to develop prototypes, test, and, ultimately, approve the final product.

Q: The word “curated” seems to be a very solid principle upon which you’ve built your brand ethos. What do you consider most important when it comes to curating the product line for Care Skincare?

A: It all started with, how do we make things simpler without losing effectiveness or safety? How do you eliminate the unnecessary and build multifunctional products that can cover multiple benefits in one application? How do we declutter and decode skincare for busy women? In a way, less is more and that is why we are keeping the line very tight. There are five essential products now, and only two more will be added: a sunscreen, which is non-negotiable for healthy skin, and another serum we have been working on for several months to address one of the major concerns of women of all ethnicities in America today.

Tireless Retinoid Night Serum is a truly transformative nighttime serum that renews and repairs skin as you sleep. This nightly serum smooths and brightens brilliantly, without the irritating effects of traditional retinol products. Dark spots and imperfections are diminished, resulting in a brighter, more radiant complexion. This serum is in it for the long haul, providing remarkable benefits that multiply over time. (Careskincare.com, $45)

Q: What are your most popular products?

A: The Everything Multi-level Moisturizer and Tireless, Retinoid Night Serum are the most popular products in the line. Although, Deep Moisture Fix Hydrating Water Cream is not far behind.

Q: How do you feel selling direct to the consumer has helped your brand and business?

A: We are a tiny startup, and that allows us to stay very close to what consumers are saying about the brand. Everything happens online and we have access to all the information 24/7. That doesn’t happen in traditional retail. We are constantly monitoring consumer feedback: What they like now, what they don’t, and this is very important to build a sustainable business. We actually care (no pun intended) about our customer’s experience with our products, and we want to make sure we can help people with our products.

Q: Packaging seems important to you. Tell us how that comes about.

A: We wanted something distinctive that would pop in a sea of products—yet simple, straightforward and essential. We hired an amazing design firm called Avec, that fully understood our approach and they were able to create a strong brand identity with straightforward communication. We eliminated unnecessary messaging and foreign languages from the packaging because this line is for the US market. And, because the majority of the investment had to be in the formula, which is what actually goes on people’s skin, we opted for very basic functional packaging that was not superfluous, wasteful or expensive.

Deep Moisture Fix Hydrating Water Cream is a seriously hydrating gel-cream that revives thirsty skin any time of day. Hyaluronic acid and aloe team up in this addictively textured gel-cream to instantly vanish dryness and dullness, illuminating skin from within. Vitamins C and E protect and nourish, while caffeine helps firm and brighten. (Careskincare.com, $35)

Q: Ricardo, your background was with major beauty brands. Were there any mistakes you learned from other brands that you will try to avoid with your own line?

A: There are many benefits to being a part of a big company and brands, but there is also a bad side of big. Unfortunately, many of these brands are slow and bureaucratic. The business model requires it to be on “launch mode” all the time, introducing new products all the time, which creates confusion and clutter for consumers and retailers alike. At Care Skincare, we want to be agile and responsive, and our line will never have more than seven SKUs. If we improve one of our formulas, we will replace it, but not keep expanding the line. We are not chasing Wall St. expectations.

Q: How large of a role does social media marketing play in your launch plan?

A: Social media is very important because our brand only lives in the digital realm. Our storytelling and awareness building happens for the most part in social media. You have to be smart about who you associate your brand with and that their overall values, aesthetics, and lifestyle are aligned with the brand. Authenticity is very important, and we want to make sure that we build credibility in a sustainable way.

Q: Who are some innovators in the beauty business that inspire you?

A: We definitively have to put Mrs. Estee Lauder and her son Mr. Leonard Lauder at the top of the list. What she did is truly remarkable—essentially creating the prestige beauty business in department stores. And he took this incredible platform and built a true global business. Mr. Lauder is a true American business hero and champion brand builder and developer of the prestige beauty business on a global scale. He also has helped so many people along the way. Also, on the list, we have women like Anastasia Soare whose story is quite inspiring. She found white space in the crowded makeup category by creating a fantastic business around brows and a unique point of view. She built Anastasia Beverly Hills with a clear understanding of the power of influencers and social media with authenticity.

The Everything Multi-level Moisturizer is a superhero moisturizer that packs the power of a serum in the comfort of a cream. This multi-weight hyaluronic acid provides continuous hydration, supporting your skin’s natural moisture barrier, while antioxidants like turmeric and a unique peptide blend work to condition and repair. (Careskincare.com, $40)

Q: Any secret beauty tricks we should know about?

A: I know this will sound obvious, but consistency is the key. If you stick to a regimen of quality products and apply them with discipline and consistency, you will probably see results. It’s that simple.

Q: Where can we purchase your products?

A: Our products are only available at www.careskincare.com.

Q: As a husband and wife team, was there any product that you fought over when curating the line?

A: No, we have been in full agreement as far as the product line goes. We may have had some discussion on color or texture, but, overall, we have been on the same page.