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By Ruchel Louis Coetzee
Posted On Dec 27, 2016

We are in love with Glamazon Beauty by Kim Baker. After many years as the premier make-up artist to the stars, Baker has finally realized her dream and passion – her own beauty line. And the word is out that it will fly off the shelves.  Her cosmetic line takes into consideration both light and darker skin tones and is set to debut January 19th online www.GlamazonBeautyCosmetics.com.  We caught up with Baker to find out more.666_ny_celeb-web-post_kim-baker-374x316



Why did you start your own beauty line – Glamazon Beauty?

I wanted to create a color line that encompasses the beauty of all women!  My focus was on the lightest of porcelain to the deepest of ebony and all the shades in between them. I also wanted to address many of the concerns that women had during my days at the cosmetics counters, which I call the Beauty school of hard knocks! These women hated heavy feeling foundation powders that showed their pores, and concealers that didn’t brighten up their faces. I address these issues and many others.  Through years of research and development, I was able to address many of their issues.  As an artist and woman of color myself, I understand the importance of skin tones and the skin’s various under, high, and low tones! For example – you can have four blondes and even though they are all fair/light, each one will require a different shade of foundation. This is because their undertones are not the same and it only becomes more complicated the deeper the skin tone becomes. This is especially true when addressing African American skin.


What have you learned from your celebrity clients?

As a celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert, I have learned that everyone has something special about themselves that is uniquely their feature that they should play up! It could be smooth skin or wide doe eyes or slanted eyes or long lashes or super sexy full lips! There is always something that a woman possesses that another woman would pay dearly for or wishes she had.  We all have that certain something that stops traffic even if it’s not a typical feature.  I find that even more interesting! I say, own your beauty and share it with the world!

What was your biggest challenge in launching this line?

The biggest challenge in launching my line was making sure that I had the capital to make it happen the right way! This was the only solution for me to be able to use a top of the line chemist and manufacturer.  I didn’t want to go the route so many people do by buying a product that was made already and slapping my name on it.  I wanted to follow my idol Estee Lauder and formulate my own line, and that is exactly how this line was born. So the first thing I did was seek one million dollars, and after three years I met my CFO Michael who helped me do just that! Once you have the capital, dreams become a reality! Many say great quality is a luxury for the rich….Not anymore!!!!

What makes Glamazon Beauty different from other beauty lines?

Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics is everything I dreamt of while working behind the cosmetics counter for 14 years at Bobbi Brown. I remember things that women would constantly repeat to me – what they didn’t like in brands, especially women of color! I particularly remember an Indian woman visiting NYC who had watched me do makeup on her friend and when I was done, she asked me to do her makeup as well.  I told her my goal was to start my own line, and she said if you do, please remember olive skin women with dark circles. She had stated she always only saw white or black women being represented in department stores and I never forgot her! I have every intent on showing the world that everyone is BEAUTIFUL!!! What also makes Glamazon Beauty different is that my chemist did my line over and over until I felt that the foundation looked like skin, and my stick foundation bases were not heavy but instead, light and creamy without a greasy or oily feeling residue! With Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics you will feel like you are not even wearing makeup.  The formulas are lightweight and buildable!


What is your secret formula or magic?

My love of Hyaluronic Acid, which is an ingredient that helps maintain moisture within our skin, and my passion for women and beauty!

What product in your line is your best “multi-tasker”?


It has to be my Perfect Press Powders that are semi-translucent. All of my fair skin clients wear them as bronzers. To be honest, I didn’t make them to be a bronzer, but they look amazing on my friend, Heather, who says she loves the color “St Tropez” because it is a perfect shade of tan for her fair skin. It also does not go red on her.  On myself, I love my “Havana” powder which is a very light yellow based powder which works as the perfect under eye highlighter shade when I do my highlight contouring.


What is your #1 tip to do when putting on make-up?

I can’t say this enough! Please use a great moisturizer and an awesome primer like our “Mystical Veil” Primer. I wear my primer even without makeup some days, just for its hydration benefits! The two work hand in hand. A great moisturizer and primer are the foundation to having great looking foundation that looks like skin!


What is your #1 no-no – what should you not do?

The rule that I would scream from the mountain tops is DON’T SLEEP IN YOUR MAKEUP!!!! At night your skin is in its repair regenerative mode, and so the best thing you should do is a simple regiment wash, tone, moisturize with a great night cream. Oh, and another must – take your vitamin C  orally every morning as it helps to brighten our skin, and yes it works!!!!

Where can you purchase this line?

I am so happy to announce that as of the week of January 19th, I am launching in one of my favorite NYC beauty treasure stores since I was 15 years old called Ricky’s NYC  and online, of course, at www.GlamazonBeautyCosmetics.com.  We are also in talks with other retailers where we plan to launch later in the year 2017!