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By Ruchel Louis Coetzee
Posted On Dec 01, 2018


There is an unbreakable link between the holidays and the never ending parties, and the key to feeling good about attending these parties is in the way we want to look. In our heads, we are always aiming to look younger without anyone noticing that we are trying to do so – even though we are increasingly trying quite hard.  And nothing cancels those hollow, sick-to-the- stomach moments in front of the mirror more than when you start realizing you are actually getting older.  It is at those moments that the questions in your head start to pound.  Does a mini skirt work after 25? Does the Valentino red lipstick really work with those laugh lines mocking from either side?  Why does the hair not work? With these countless dilemmas in mind, we asked two celebrity stylists, Anthony Pazos and Jeff Stump, and social media style influencer, Sazan Hendrix, to weigh in on how they would achieve a youthful textured look fast, cost effectively, and without any surgery.

Celebrity beauty stylist and TV personality, Anthony Pazos, whose clients include the Kardashians, Leighton Meester, Ashley Greene, and Hayley Hasselhoff, shared some of his insightful tips with NEW YOU.


What are your go-to hairstyles for women over 30 and why? I absolutely love loose, messy texture waves cut mid length. Effortless texture is all the rave for women 30 and above; it’s also great because these styles are easy to create and amazing for women on the go.


Grey is a color that seems to becoming fashionable for women at any age – what are your thoughts here? Personally, I’m a huge fan of salt & pepper hair; I think it’s distinguishing. Grey hair color is an amazing transitioning color for girls that were typically blonde. The over toning process allows for more wear from your normal hair coloring process. Furthermore, grey tones match with most colors in fashion. It also gives an instant pop effect to your look.


What are hair color no- no’s? Rule of thumb is never color your own hair; always have a licensed professional attend to your locks. Also, never buy color from your local supermarkets; usually attempting to save your money on generic color can lead to spending more to fix. Lastly, to truly know if a new hair color will suit you, try wigs first; that way you’re not damaging your hair with an unsuitable hair color for your complexion.


Bangs vs. no bangs – and short vs. long hair – what are your thoughts?  Bangs can be fun; however, certain face shapes should stay clear away. When thinking about bangs, the best bet is trying clip on bangs first. If you really want bangs, start out with short, face framing layers. Short hair tends to be a little more high maintenance only because the shape becomes lost after only a few weeks of growth. Long hair is more versatile and only requires regular trims every 6-8 weeks. When in doubt, collar bone length hair usually suits most face shapes.


What did you suggest for Khloe Kardashian? Personally, I love Khloe’s personality because she’s playful but also because she really loves her glam squad. For Khloe, the look was loose waves with extensions with loads of volume.


When a celebrity client says “I want to look like this person or have that person’s young look” but you know that is not doable – what do you advise them? I never let my client know that what they want will not work for them.  I use their inspiration to create something that will suit them personally. After doing beauty for so long, I have a natural instinct to know what and won’t look good on my client.


What other tips do you have? Take the time to make yourself feel beautiful. Scrub your face and moisturize to feel young. Wash your hair with cold water to add shine and drink plenty of water to stay revitalized.


According to Jeff Stump, owner of Artkiteks by Jeff Stump, “many people feel that they need to have short hair as they get older. This isn’t always the case; it really depends on the texture of the hair and how their hair ages. Some get coarse grey hair that is frizzy and has no luster, in which a shorter hair cut would be suitable. It also depends on face shape – regardless of age, long or short hair may look better depending on bone structure. Another thing to consider is color; I recommend blending the color with highlights or a demi-permanent color so that the color will grow out much better than a solid line achieving a more natural look.” Jeff’s signature styles can be seen on notable bands, including Shiny Tony Guns and New Year’s Day.

We then turned to Maybelline ambassador and trendsetting digital media influencer Sazan Hendrix to ask her about makeup and style. As one of the most recognizable young beauty entrepreneurs, Sazan shares her passions on video with her millions of engaged viewers. Launching this December, you will also be able to subscribe to her monthly inspirational box www.theblessbox.com focusing on beauty, health, and food.374x316_sazan-3



What do you think is the number one beauty application that you feel can instantly age a person? A heavy hand with the blush. Keep it minimal and go with a shade that’s close to your lip color if you aren’t sure which shade works on your skin.

Regarding makeup, the trend now is less is more – would you agree that it applies to all age groups? 100%. I think the art of makeup now is to look like you don’t have any on – that goes for all ages!

What style mistakes can instantly age a person?  I think getting too comfortable with wearing the same colors and styles over and over again. Always try to spice it up by adding a fun print or wild handbag into the mix.

Should women follow fashion as they age or should they look to other inspirations? I try not to pay too much attention to trends because keeping up with them can be exhausting (and expensive!). Women should look to their personal lives for inspiration – if you work a 9 to 5 job, you want to look practical, but also incorporate some fun pieces to make you look stylish but still feel like yourself.

What colors age a woman? I think as long as you know your skin tone and the shades that make you feel comfortable, you should just go for it. We live in a world where people can sometimes try to tie us down to a specific color as we get older. That’s no fun! I think that’s why some women feel insecure about switching up their wardrobe because of all the naysayers telling them they can’t wear pink or yellow etc. I say you can wear whatever colors you want as long as you wear it with confidence and a stylish accessory.

Stretch jeans are a 21st-century miracle. However, there are those that can age a person – what does a woman need to consider when trying on jeans and what about jersey fabric dresses? When it comes to jeans, the fit is everything! The older you get, it’s important to find comfortable jeans that are not only practical but stylish too. Women in their 40’s and 50’s can totally rock a pair of skinny jeans. I say go for a classic style like dark blue with no rips and tears for a classy-chic vibe. Jersey fabric is such a fun fabric that can be dressed up or down. It’s great for curvier women, but skinny girls can rock it too! Go for a loose fit and pair it with a stylish bootie or heel for an edgy meets sophisticated look.

And finally, we turned to Jeff Stump again to find out how we could achieve that youthful textured hairstyle for the holidays. After all, nightmare hair can ruin the most fabulous party outfit in a nanosecond. Here is his five step process.374x316_jeff-stump

 Step One: Give your hair a structure or a base with some root volumizers. I prefer Arrojo “Styling Whip” for coarse hair, “Cream Whip” for normal hair, and “Volume Foam” for fine hair.

Step Two: I spray some product from mid-length to the ends of the hair to help hold the wave. To accomplish this, I prefer to use Arrojo “Holding Spray” for coarse hair, “Set & Style Spray” for normal hair, and “Protective Thickening Spray” for fine hair.

Step Three: Blow dry the hair using your hands, and be sure to pull the roots upwards to create volume. A brush can be used if needed, but doing so may smooth out the cuticle and cause it to be harder to curl.

Step Four: Section the hair horizontally from temple to temple, then clip the sections away from each other. On the bottom half, take vertical sections and curl them forward and backward so that each one alternates (i.e. one forward, the next backward, and so forth). This will give the hair a natural, disheveled look. Next, take the top half and repeat the previous steps, ideally brick layering them. Another option would be to do the opposite of the underneath section for a more natural look.

(Note: If the very front sections are curled forward, it will close off or hide the face area. Curling away from the face will open the area up for a brighter, bolder look.)

 Step Five: Use your fingers to comb the hair and rake out the curls. I like to spray Arrojo “Refinish Dry Shampoo” all throughout the hair to add some texture. Tousle it around until you get the desired effect. Note: I like to use Arrojo “Refresh Dry Conditioner” on hair that tends to get tangled to keep it loose and free. Both the dry shampoo and conditioner have a clear consistency and leave no residue, which works wonders for people with dark hair.

Remember – parties are fun, so enjoy them with the confidence of a two-year-old!!