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CEO of A Prestigious Fragrance Brand “Benigna Parfums” Benigna Rumored To Be Producing Blockbuster Hollywood Movie Starring Top Social Media Influencers

By Contributor
Posted On Oct 07, 2021
CEO of A Prestigious Fragrance Brand “Benigna Parfums” Benigna Rumored To Be Producing Blockbuster Hollywood Movie Starring Top Social Media Influencers

If you’ve spent time in Miami, LA, New York City, or Paris you’ve likely caught a whiff of Benigna Parfum, a line of luxurious gender-neutral perfumes that are captivating the world with its blend of artistry and it’s compelling storytelling.

Benigna, CEO of the prestigious fragrance brand “Benigna Parfums”, is said to be producing a blockbuster hollywood movie starring the top social media influencers. It’s a full length feature film inspired by the three-year journey to create their flagship exquisite gender-neutral “Floral Trio” fragrances . In a historic move, Benigna and her producers are casting only social media influencers.

“The cast of our film will have the largest audience reach of all time.” Benigna said in an interview. Currently massive names are said to be in talks already.

Recently, Benigna collaborated with Hollywood  screenwriters to write a screenplay that is about to change the movie/film industry. Benigna who  was also seen at the star studded Daytime Beauty Awards last week, along with stars like Nicole Kidman and Paula Abdul is another beauty moving in grace and style.

The plot of this big budget action flick revolves around a female protagonist on a mission to produce the most exquisite perfume ever created. When the formula is stolen by her rival, we are in for an action packed ride as the heroine chases down the most rare and expensive ingredients in the world. The creators behind the movie currently titled “Impossibility Nonexistent”.

“One important aspect is that we created a role for a woman as the main character, and which also goes against pre-established stereotypes in action movies where primarily males have been leading characters. This is going to be an incredible opportunity for a woman to tell a compelling story of love and passion meeting an insurmountable obstacle.” said Benigna in a recent interview.

Benigna has long been a champion of female empowerment and inspiration. As a woman in STEM herself, Benigna proudly displays her triumphs in a male dominated field by designing her perfume bottles to mimic airplane wings. She has publicly been very proud of her science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) background and those skills are directly responsible for her work in the fragrance industry.

“The science needed to make the perfume, and the engineering and math needed to make the design…it genuinely excites me so much that STEM meets right here. It’s a big reason why I’m so passionate about our brand.” said Benigna.  

To stay up to date about the film’s development and Benigna Parfum’s latest collections visit https://www.benignaparfums.com/  or check out @Benignaparfums and @impossibilitynonexistent on Instagram.