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Check Your Vitamin Sources

By New You Editorial
Posted On Aug 26, 2011

Not every vitamin you buy at the store may be good for you—especially if it’s not what the bottle says it is. Doctors are becoming increasingly concerned that ‘nutritional’ vitamins from the supermarket or pharmacy just aren’t delivering what they promise. Dr. Pamela Smith, M.D., an anti-aging doctor who runs the fellowship program for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, sites one study done a few years ago in which six off-the-shelf calcium supplements were tested. Turns out that only one had the stated amount. Two of the others had less, two had more (which can be dangerous), and one contained the anticonvulsant drug Dilantin. The only vitamins guaranteed to be 100% pure are ‘pharmaceutical’ grade vitamins, which can be purchased through a pharmacist, doctor, or in some health food stores.


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