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Chelsea Kane and Melissa Peterman talk False Glowing

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On Feb 20, 2017
Chelsea Kane and Melissa Peterman talk False Glowing


Spunky and sassy duo Chelsea Kane and Melissa Peterman come out to the Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylist Guild Awards as big fans of the industry. “I love makeup! I was lucky enough to do “Dancing with the Stars,” and that kind of ruined me for life with makeup because I want to put on lashes just to go to the grocery store,” gushes Chelsea, “I’ve always been such a girly girl with that stuff. Any product, any makeup, I can use, I’m all about it!” To maintain her glow, Chelsea tells us about some of her fav go-to’s

“A lot of Mario Badescu, that’s our big one. Josie Maran, she hooks us up all the time! Definitely a lot of masks and products happening anytime we’re not in makeup.” Melissa though, claims Chelsea’s skin looks great for a different reason, “It’s the false pregnancy. She’s false glowing,” referring to their characters on “Baby Daddy,” where Chelsea is pregnant. Melissa gives us a peak into an upcoming scene, “One of my favorite scenes is coming up and it’s with Chelsea as Riley and Bonnie and Riley finally have their big come to Jesus moment and that’s amazing and you’re pregnant. As someone who’s actually had a child, it’s fun to see this tiny, adorable, beautiful young lady have to wear a tiny little bump and I want to go, ‘ooohhh.’ And first of all, I carry that around every day, after the baby! It was fun for me to really see you kind of go outside your comfort zone.” Aside from a pregnant Chelsea, there is plenty to look forward to according to Melissa, “We just finished taping our 100th episode and there’s lots of things coming. There’s babies coming, jail coming, all sorts of stuff.”