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Chew on This

By Toni Negas
Posted On Mar 02, 2011

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the phrase “Fountain of Youth” paired with “teeth.” Ever. Until recently, that is, when I met Miami-based smile expert Dr. Bruno Sharp. At his office, a great smile is just as important as having a line-free face in the quest to find that elusive youth-filled fount. So while we’re schooled from the time we’re young to take care of our teeth (lest they cause incredible pain and agony – physically and financially!), when was the last time your teeth hit the same measure as your crow’s feet in the quest for eternal youth?

Frankly, I can’t say myself that I’d ever put them in the same category.

But as my reflection grins back at me in the mirror, allowing me to examine my (fairly) pearly whites (chips and all), I’m rethinking this.

In our focused approach to youth and beauty, why don’t we automatically put our teeth next to our wrinkles?

Maybe because a closed-lip smile makes it easy to hide the flaws. (It’s not so easy to hide those crow’s feet without the aid of pricey injections and a skilled medical hand.) Maybe it’s also because we think of our teeth in that traditional “medical” way. It’s something you “have” to do so you don’t lose them. Not to mention that it’s usually an unpleasant experience—from the actual dental work to the environment in which it’s done. (Am I the only one who has a very strong dislike for the way a dentist’s office smells?)

Lucky for me (and others in the Miami area), Dr. Sharp’s office smells more like a spa than a clinic, though it’s subtle. Add to that a chill audible tempo and views of the Miami skyline out of floor-to-ceiling windows, and you’ve got the closest thing to spa you’ll find in an otherwise clinical “smile” space.

As far as the Fountain of Youth is concerned, Dr. Sharp’s advice is to think of our smiles as part of our individual approach to natural, whole body health and wellness. And, indeed, his advice is right in line with the philosophy held by the anti-aging experts: one size does not fit all. It’s all about an individualized approach.

So if your smile says anything uncomplimentary about your youth, beauty and wellness (and I’m not talking about “perfection”—mine are not even close!), maybe it’s time to find your own Dr. Sharp who can help you find the Fountain of Youth… with your teeth!

From the Editor’s desk,


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