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Chub Rub Be Gone

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On Jun 06, 2016
Chub Rub Be Gone

It’s the dreaded disease that most thick-thighed women face: Chub Rub–aka, a bad case of chafing.

It’s extremely discomforting, uneasy on the eyes, and quite embarrassing to say the least. In the age with the fascination of thigh gaps, mine still touch, and if you’re like me, all you really want to know is how to avoid it.

During cooler seasons, my thighs do just fine, but once summertime comes around, therein lies the problem. The combination of sweat and friction causes a burning rash known as chafing, and it can take a long time for the rash to clear up due to the constant movement after the initial rash has been formed. Honestly, ain’t nobody got time for that! (Is that still a thing?)

If you’d rather not wallow in self-pity, wear sweats all throughout the rising temperature, or change your walk to accommodate chaffing, then here’s how you can solve the problem:

  • Wear tights under dresses and skirts:

Wearing tight shorts under your clothing will prevent the unwanted chub rub. Not only will you avoid doing a Marilyn Monroe and giving people a flash show, but it also causes you to go freely throughout your day rub-free. There’s also boxer shorts which yes, are technically for men, but if it’s uncomfortable and stops chaffing, it’s a win in my book.

  • Bandelettes:

Something lace is always pretty. Lace undergarments? Now that’s sexy. Bandelettes are little thigh-hugging lace bands made to make you feel good while avoiding chaffing as well. You already know that’s on my summer wish list.

  • Anti-Chafing Products:

Of course, you can always just try using a product that actually claims to stop the chafing problem. It’s usually just a balm you rub on your inner thighs that prevents sweating. If not, I heard that deodorant works just as well.

  • Skin Primer

Who knew that your favorite beauty product could also double as an anti-chafing product? It turns out that using skin primer such as baby skin by Maybelline will also mattify your inner thighs to eliminate sweating and chaffing. Sounds pretty legit to me.

What do you do to prevent chafing? Let us know below!