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The Classic Red Lip

By Paris Dupree-Johnson
Posted On Sep 13, 2013


Pump life into your Friday-wear with a fashion trend that is timeless, sexy, and almost fail-proof: the classic red lip.  The beauty of this vivacious color is that it compliments virtually any skin complexion and clothing style. Whether you’re looking to spice up your makeup routine or simply want to ‘glam’ up a formal look, red lips are the answer. But in order to pull it of, you must select the right shade and how how to apply properly.

If you have thinner lips, avoid deep red tones as these tend to make lips look smaller.

Pair red lips with the lightest eye makeup possible. Allow the lips to steal the show

Before application, prepare your lips with a little bit of lip balm so that the skin does not crinkle below your fabulous shade. For long lasting color, apply a bit of concealer prior to applying your lipstick.

Always—I repeat—always use a lip liner with a shade that matches your lipstick color. A lip liner will help to define your lip shape and prevent bleeding.

Last but not least, check for smears and blunders. There’s nothing worse than red lipstick on your teeth.

-Paris Dupree; Curly haired girl seeking frizz-free locks, bright eyes, and an even, almond complexion