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Compelling Reasons to Make the Big Chop

By Sydney Cook
Posted On May 11, 2016
Compelling Reasons to Make the Big Chop


You’ve spent years growing your hair out, you’ve followed expert advice, and now you’ve finally made it to the gates of long hair heaven! But suddenly, you get that itch. Is it time to go short?

Why, yes it is!

Cutting your hair after what feels like a lifetime of growing it out, enduring tangles and split ends, feels nothing short of liberating. Your tresses are healthier, it dries faster, and the dancing hair flip is much cuter with short hair.

I’m sure there was one point in your life where you thought there’d be no way you could take a sword to your hair and chop it off Mulan-style, but you honestly don’t know what you’re missing until you’ve let go of your Rapunzel-like locks.


*Pondering* Did I really waste time and money deep conditioning and popping hair boosting pills just to cut it all off?

Experimenting with a close cut, whether it’s a bob, a lob, or an extreme pixie cut, is a better detox than drinking cayenne peppered lemon-water. You’ll feel like Taylor Swift’s net worth or Kylie at the Met Gala after a big chop.

We’ve compiled a list of reasons why losing length is a good thing!

  1. It’s Low Maintenance


Seriously, cleansing and styling scissored hair is a breeze. Whether you’re blow drying, straightening, or pinning it up with a million bobby pins, it ain’t no thang!

  1. It Dries Faster


You’re practically at shake-and-go status.

  1. It’s Breezy


Your body temperature automatically drops by five degrees once your hair no longer touches your shoulders, and the breeze on the back of your neck will feel like a relief.

  1. It’s Light


Short hair = freedom!

  1. It Screams Confidence


Short hair gives you the “I have it all together” look, which is sexier than the “girl who’s not sure what she wants.”

  1. It Whips Better Than Long Hair


Try it.

Cover/Feature Photo Credit: Shutterstock