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What Your Haircut Says About You

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jul 21, 2016
What Your Haircut Says About You

Could changing your hair change your life for the better? Top stylists explain that trying new looks is a woman’s prerogative, and shouldn’t cause a crisis.

BY Betsey MCLain | ILLUSTRATION by Jorn Kaspuhl

A NEW HAIRSTYLE CAN TAKE YEARS OFF your look and add sophistication. We ask three top stylists to dispel myths that stand between you and a new ’do.

John Barrett of New York’s John Barrett Salon assuages a client’s fears by truly listening. “If a client is hesitant, they’re often OK with a subtle change,” he says. “If they’ve always worn a French twist to formals, I’d suggest a chic chignon, or adding layers and body instead of bluntly cutting length.”
“Switching up your part can drastically change your look,” adds Jenny Cho, a favorite stylist of Jessica Chastain and Nicole Richie. “If you wear your hair parted down the middle, try a deep side part.”

THE EXCUSE: “I won’t know how to style a new cut or use new products.”
“A great haircut should fall right into place straight out of the shower,” says Barrett. “It’s important to take a client’s routine into account. The look should be easily styled and recreated at home. It helps to talk clients through what you’re doing when cutting and styling. No one should have more products than they know what to do with.” Allen Ruiz, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Hair Styling, agrees: “A good hair stylist will not only give you an amazing new cut, they will teach you how to style it and what products and tools to use at home.”

THE EXCUSE: “What if I don’t like it?”
“The key is finding out why the client has trepidation,” explains Barrett, a charming communicator and master at calming irrational beauty fears. “If a client is looking to downplay certain areas they’re less comfortable with, I work to find styles that will leave them feeling their most confident.” Ruiz’s take is: If you don’t like it, you can always go back to your stylist. “Tell them what you don’t like about it. With extensions, hairpieces, and so forth, pretty much everything can be fixed. If at the end of the day you’re still not happy, remember that it’s only hair and it will grow back.”

THE EXCUSE: “I don’t have time for a complicated style.”
“Stick to something that works with your routine,” says Cho. “If you don’t have time to style hair every day, choose long layers that naturally give hair lift and movement.” There are plenty of easy, sexy looks. “A look should fit someone’s face shape, personality, and lifestyle,” says Ruiz. “If you’re looking for something low maintenance, communicate that to your stylist.”

THE EXCUSE: “I don’t want to change my hair color, either.”
“Adding some new, subtle highlights or even a gloss is a great finishing touch to make your new look shine,” says Cho. “It doesn’t have to be drastically different,” Ruiz adds. “But a change could do you good. You’ll never know until you try.”