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Daily Tip: Fight the Sun with Beta Carotene

By New You Editorial
Posted On Nov 29, 2012

New You Beauty Tip: Eat foods high in beta-carotene to improve the color and health of your skin.  

You don’t have to bake in the sun to boost the color of your skin. Foods that are high in beta-carotene—such as carrots, squash and sweet potato will help improve your look from within. “They act like a sort of internal sunscreen,” says Ron Moy, MD, chief dermatologist for the California Health and Longevity Institute. In addition, says Dr. Moy, beta-carotenes also accumulate under the skin, so they give you a better, healthier looking color. “Squash and sweet potatoes are good things to eat if you are trying to look better,” says Dr. Moy. Other foods that are rich in beta-carotenes include cooked spinach or kale and cantaloupe. Happy eating!