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By New You Editorial
Posted On Sep 06, 2013

New You Beauty Tip: Use simple methods to rid yourself of the appearance of dark circles.
If you’re always being told you look tired, you’re not alone. Dark circles under the eyes can make you look old, tired and even unhealthy. Blood vessels that can be seen through the skin are the culprit in most cases, however, pigmentation irregularities, lifestyle factors, or just good old-fashioned lack of sleep can also be the cause. Good news is there are solutions:

*If you have pigment discoloration, consider using a concealer or cream that contains vitamin K. Additionally, apply sunscreen as close to the lash line as possible.

*A dinner laden with salt or a night full of cocktails can lead to water retention and swelling. To calm puffiness, place a couple of chilled slices of cucumber under your eyes.

*If you think lack of sleep is the culprit, try changing your sleeping position. Consider sleeping on an extra pillow to drain the fluid that can collect in the area around the eyes while you’re lying down.