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Designer Floral

By Bianca Pastor
Posted On Nov 21, 2013

As someone who enjoys smelling nice (who doesn’t?), I consistently spray my two squirts of perfume on my way out of the house every morning. Because I am particular about the scents I wear, I tend to stick with the same two perfumes which I will rotate dependent upon my mood. When I was introduced to Vera Wang Truly Pink I have to admit that I was excited to get a good wif but had no idea that I would like the scent so much. I immediately made room for this delicious perfume in my exclusive arsenal of ‘smell goods’. Vera Wang Truly Pink is a delicious floral scented eau de parfum that is oh-so-subtle. It’s feminine and fresh and has the perfect amount of sweet floral scent that would make anyone want to smile. This fragrance is in no way overwhelming and would be a perfect addition to anyone’s daily fragrance routine. As habitual as I am about the same two fragrances I typically wear, I have since added this lovely fragrance by Vera Wang to the mix.

How to Buy: Fragrancenet.com; $42

-Bianca Pastor; Spontaneous and outgoing, seeking an end to my perpetually oily skin