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DeVita Italian Tomato Leaf Mud Masque

By Bianca Pastor
Posted On Oct 15, 2013

I was so excited to try DeVita’s Italian Tomato Leaf Mud Masque mainly because the packaging indicates benefits for people of all skin types and especially for those with oily skin (ding, ding, ding!); not to mention the fact that I love masques in general. All of DeVita’s products are vegan and paraben free, which are also major pluses for me.

This particular masque has a reddish-brown ‘muddy’ hue and a mildly gritty texture. I could feel it lightly exfoliating my skin during application, but it did not feel at all abrasive. I loved the way it gripped my skin. I could almost feel the solution pulling the impurities from my pores!

The directions instruct you to relax and let the masque dry for 5-10 minutes, or 15 minutes if you have oily skin. Since my situation calls for it, I waited out the 15 minutes before rinsing. My face immediately felt detoxified and refreshed, and stayed smooth for over 24 hours. I have been using it twice a week as directed ever since. As far as my oily skin goes, I can feel it beginning to balance out.

How to Buy: Italian Tomato Leaf Mud Masque, $16.22


-Bianca Pastor; Spontaneous and outgoing, seeking an end to my perpetually oily skin