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A Diamond in the Oil

By Bianca Pastor
Posted On Apr 16, 2014

Essential oil gives new meaning to diamonds

At some point in my morning routine, a spritz or two of perfume in strategic places is a part of the process. Among thousands of fragrances on the market, I’ve narrowed my favorites down to a few that I rotate consistently during the week. It is rare that I add any new regulars to this regime but Sage Machado has created a product that I just had to add.

Diamond by Sage is the newest scent crafted by Sage Machado and it is gorgeously packaged and tantalizingly scented. The essential oil fragrance comes in a lovely purse-sized roll on making it convenient to use and reapply throughout the day. The scent is warm and feminine but not overpowering. Since it is an essential oil perfume, the formula mixes with your skin’s natural oils upon application creating a unique scent for each person that applies it. The delightful scent is long lasting and is perfect for any occasion day or night.


Pros: Made with essential oil. Unique scent. Portable. Convenient. Not tested on animals.

Cons: Very small. Only comes in a roll on package.


How to Buy: Diamond 1/8 oz fragrance oil roll-on, $45 thesagelifestyle.com


-Bianca Pastor; Spontaneous and outgoing, seeking an end to my perpetually oily skin