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Discover Your Red for Valentines Day

By New You Editorial
Posted On Feb 13, 2019
Discover Your Red for Valentines Day

New You Beauty Tip: Find your perfect red for a sexy Valentine’s look!

First, choose a setting with good natural light, place a piece of white paper under your hand, curl your fingers so your palm is cupped, and then  pinch yourself — that’s your most flattering red! “My idea is that we all have a version of red — crimson, tangerine, brick, hot pink, valentine’s red — we just have to find our individual versions,” said David Zyla, the Emmy Award winning stylist who literally wrote the book on red (“Color Your Style”). The latest scientific research concludes that red is in fact the sexiest color, so why not start adding more to your wardrobe now in time for Valentine’s Day!  “Red has come to symbolize everything sexy and vivacious about the romantic holiday (and now you know why!),” said Zyla. But the traditional “valentines” shade will not flatter everyone. Your red is the color of your flushed skin, so when you pinch yourself, you are magnifiying that color. If you run into trouble indentifying the shade immediately following the pinch, try comparing your finger side by side to different shades of red in your lipstick or clothing or veggies.