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Discover Shea Butter Benefits in Black

By Bianca Pastor
Posted On Apr 02, 2014

Discover Shea Butter Benefits from Out of Africa, African Black Shea Butter Bar Soap

As an all-natural source of vitamin A providing superb moisture and healing properties,  shea butter is a vital ally to your skin. I am one fan of its vast benefits and am always open to trying shea butter products on my own skin.

At first sight, Out Of Afria, African Black Shea Butter Bar Soap is non-traditional, yet intriguing. Its unique color forms from a specific shea butter found naturally in parts of Africa.

Out of Africa, African Black Shea Butter Bar Soap is smooth and feels heavenly on my skin. The moment water hit the bar I felt it transform into an ultra moisturizing cleanser. It went on smooth and rinsed off clean, leaving no uncomfortable residue behind.

I moisturize the moment I step out of the shower, however, after using the African Black Shea Butter Bar Soap I did not feel the need to apply any further moisture. In addition to hydration, the natural healing shea butter benefits are perfect for minor razor burn and cuts we all inflict on ourselves with a razor.


Pros: All natural, ultra moisturizing, multiple skin benefits.

Cons: Bar soap isn’t always the most convenient but this one is worth it!


How to Buy: walgreens.com


-Bianca Pastor; Spontaneous and outgoing, seeking an end to my perpetually oily skin