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Dive In With SwimSpray

By New You Editorial
Posted On Aug 10, 2016
Dive In With SwimSpray

By Jessica Boden

I’m sure you’ve heard it before: swimming laps is one of the greatest forms of cardio around. But let’s face it; the thought of jumping in a pool for my morning workout before heading to the office for the day seems a bit daunting.

However, I set a goal a couple months ago to finally shed those last few pounds As much as I didn’t want to admit it, I knew incorporating a new and great form of exercise like swimming was key.

And guess what? Swimming was exactly what I needed to improve my mental and physical health. Only problem was that I walked into my office everyday with messy hair and the odor of a swimming pool. But since I didn’t want to give up on swimming and my new body (say hello to my new abs!), I searched around and researched for some solutions to my dilemma. That’s when I came across the perfect product to help eliminate the after swim chlorine odor and irritation: SwimSpray.

Invented by swimmer and Doctor of Chemistry, Andrew Chadeayne, SwimSpray is an easy and affordable way to protect against harmful effects of chlorine, such as hair and skin irritation. SwimSpray is all-natural and fights off bleach found in pools by using only a combination of water and several forms of vitamin C. Plus, the post-swim product left my hair and skin feeling softer than ever!


Convinced? You can buy your very own SwimSpray by visiting their new and visually-pleasing website at swimspray.com.

Happy swimming!