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DIY Waxing

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jul 18, 2013

New You Beauty Tip: Rub, apply and uproot your stubborn hair with DIY wax strips. 

In the battle against hair growth, women are generally on the losing end. We can shave—or spend money on razors that never last as long as we hope—and keep shaving for the rest of our lives. Elect for pricey laser treatments, that almost seem worth it, until our hair mysteriously grows back. We can visit our local wax salon once each month and pay the price for semi-permanent removal. Or we can look elsewhere, like the cosmetics isle of the local drug store, peer through the abundance of DIY options, and give pre-waxed strips a try. Body strips take the dangerous heating and messiness out of the equation and serve as a quick fix. Are self-wax kits the perfect solution to our hair woes? Probably not. While they are not painless nor permanent, one fact is for sure: DIY waxing costs a fraction ($156 compared to $650 per year) of a salon wax and last just as long (3-5 weeks).

New You Product Pick: Nads Hair Removal Body Wax Strips work for legs, underarms, and bikini!