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Dr. Michael Apa and New You Talk Age-Defying Cosmetic Dentistry

By Angela Arsenault
Posted On Aug 11, 2015

You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a… What? That’s right: Smile.

By Andrew C. Stone

So much is secretly riding on your smile. Will your half-baked pick-up line delight its recipient? Will your company’s executives enjoy chatting with you for more than 30 seconds? Will your children say, “That’s my dad” or “I’m her kid” with pride or with scorn? It’s time to look in the mirror, give it a grin, and calmly assess the situation.

Not sure what to look for? We caught up with aesthetic dentist Dr. Michael Apa of Manhattan’s Rosenthal-Apa Group (Rosenthalgrp.com) for answers. Dr. Apa is known throughout the world as a pioneer in the cosmetic dentistry field and has positioned himself as a dental “stylist who can art-direct your pearly whites for maximum impact.”

Want to know the secrets of a winning, youthful smile? Read on—and check his blog, Askdrapa.com, for the latest in innovative dentistry.

NEW YOU: Dr. Apa, who’s a celebrity with a top-notch grin?

MICHAEL APA: Someone who has a healthy looking smile? Bradley Cooper.

NY: And what are the attributes of a youthful smile?

A: These include color, shape, and the condition of your gums. Over time your teeth stain, discolor, chip, and wear, so the gums become thin and recede.

NY: What are the natural factors that age a smile?

A: Wear is a big natural factor. As you wear your teeth, the individual shapes of each tooth begin to blend into a flat line and start to look the same. Also, the enamel breaks down, which leads to discoloration, chipping, stress fracture, and shifting of the teeth. Finally the bone around the teeth begins to break down, which causes the gums to recede.

NY: What would the average person experience upon a consultation with you?

A: A patient will experWoman smileience an idea of what’s going on in their mouth as the overall health and function are evaluated—what’s causing the problem and what are ways to combat it. We do a diagnostic mock-up in the mouth, where we lay tooth colored composite over the teeth to give an idea of what we can do to change the look of the smile.

NY: What about those who are concerned with pain?

A: There’s no pain. It’s a pretty quick and simple procedure that can be finished within a week, with no change in lifestyle or pain afterward.

NY: What new innovations are used to achieve this youthful look?

A: We can digitally design different looks for the patient, but I prefer to work directly in the mouth with the composite at it is more realistic, accurate, and artistic. Achieving a youthful smile combines the dental knowledge of knowing what’s happening to patients’ teeth and an artistic vision to be able to design what’s right for the new smile.