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Expert Hair Care Do’s And Don’ts

By Ashley Hume
Posted On Apr 10, 2016
Expert Hair Care Do’s And Don’ts

Learning to properly care for your hair is a lifelong process. Along the way, you’ll most likely make a few blunders that could seriously damage the health of your hair. About 78% of women are unhappy with the type of hair they naturally have and are constantly trying to wrestle their tresses under control.

However, expert guidance is out there. Tips from industry professionals can help you avoid common pitfalls and get the healthy, gorgeous mane you’ve always wanted. We went to Tymeka Lawrence, founder of Brock Beauty and the style team behind Cristophe Salon in Beverly Hills, including founder Cristophe Schatteman and master stylists Egle Miciene and Angelique Dubois, for their list of hair care do’s and don’ts.



  • Take hair vitamins on a daily basis to help promote healthy hair from the inside out. –Tymeka
  • When shopping for your combs and hair brushes, go for ones that are made from natural materials. Make use of wide-toothed combs to avoid hair fall. –Tymeka
  • Clean your hair brushes every one to two weeks! I would recommend having two brushes. First, remove hair from the brushes using a fine-tooth comb at the wide end. To clean the bristles, put a little bit of shampoo on the bristles, wet them and gently rub the two brushes against each other. Rinse the brushes clean with warm water and lay them bristle side down to air dry overnight or dry with a blow-dryer. – Cristophe
  • Use a dry towel on the hair before each mask or conditioning treatment to get the most effective hydration. –Angelique
  • Treat your hair just as you would treat your face. Constantly take care of your scalp when you are trying to grow out your hair. Using a scrub will help to keep your scalp vitalized. –Egle
  • When the summer months are ahead, do a deep conditioning treatment one a month to keep hair healthy and shiny. Stay out of the sun and if you will be in the sun for an extended period of time, use a shampoo and conditioner with SPF. –Egle
  • Every 2-3 months, get a trim to keep the ends healthy. –Egle


  • Don’t pull your hair too tightly while hair styling or doing ponytails. Too much pressure may weaken your hair from the roots and can result in breakage and hair fall. –Tymeka
  • While using blow dryers, don’t keep the dryer too close to the scalp and in one position the whole time. Keep the tools at minimum temperature to avoid an overdose of heat to the hair. –Tymeka
  • Too many chemicals will end up damaging your hair completely. Avoid shampoo and conditioner that have laurel or laureth sulfates in them. –Tymeka.
  • Stay away from hair products with parabens or sulfate. –Egle
  • Do not start using styling brushes on wet hair until it is at least 40% dry when blow-drying. This way you will not damage the hair or overly dry it out. –Angelique
  • Don’t brush your hair with an old brush that has worn-down bristles as this can cause breakage. Brushing your hair is healthy for your scalp but when you have a bad brush it can cause split ends. –Cristophe