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Eyelash Mites

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jul 05, 2013

New You Beauty Tip: Wash off eye makeup thoroughly to prevent mites

You may be removing your makeup each night, but are you paying special attention to your eyes? According to Dr. Oz, 50% of Americans have eyelash mites as a result of sleeping in eye makeup. These mites are tiny creatures that live and breed attached to the roots of our eyelash hair follicles. Mascara is a breeding ground for these mites and can cause them to multiply rapidly overnight. These lash invaders feed on dead flaky skin cells, hormones and sebum, which accumulate in our eyelash follicles.  It is nearly impossible to see these creatures with the naked eye, but they do cause subtle itchiness and can cause eyelashes to fall out. To treat eyelash mites rub tea tree oil on your eyes nightly for six weeks, and of course, remove mascara entirely every night No excuses.