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Ouidad Curl Recovery Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner & Styling Primer

By Eliza Drewa
Posted On Mar 20, 2014

Fight Frizzy Hair in the Shower

Is it me, or does it feel like curly haired women never catch a break? From snow and rain in the colder months, to humidity in the summer, frizzy hair follows us around like the plague. As a curly haired victim, I am always eager to try products for curly hair that claim they can tame my mane.

I recently experimented with Ouidad Curl Recovery Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner & Styling Primer. This dual product for curly hair of all textures functions either as a conditioner following shampoo, or as a primer applied to damp hair before styling. I tried it in place of my regular conditioner.

The thick cream comes out of a mousse-like bottle and gives off a light lavender scent that remains after styling. Following the instructions, I allowed the conditioner to soak into my wet hair for five minutes, and then washed it out.

I proceeded to style my hair as normal with mousse and gel, and noticed that my curls looked more defined, not puffy. The Olive Oil and Shea Butter in Ouidad’s conditioner nourished my hair and left it soft and hydrated.


Pros: The thick, creaminess of this conditioner fights frizzy hair and dryness to create soft, smooth curls.

Cons: Mousse-style bottle makes shower application slightly difficult.


How to buy: $26, Ouidad.com


-Dana Rose Falcone; lover of chapstick, constantly trying to tame my curly hair.