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10 Gifts NOT to Get Your Dad on Father’s Day

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jun 13, 2014

Show dad you love him this Father’s Day by avoiding the practical and easy buys you fell for in the past. You meant well last year when you bought him that “World’s Best Dad” tie, but please fight the temptation to do something similar again. He might start to question your love—or worse—your taste! Here we list the top 10 gifts dad never wants to open.

Another Mug
I’m very guilty of this Father’s day don’t. My dad loves coffee and I often find myself at the check out counter the day before Father’s Day with a themed mug in hand. But truly, how many mugs does one man need? My guess is that once the cabinet shelf is full and mugs are spilling out onto the counter, you have reached your purchasing limit.

Tickets to that musical you have been DYING to see
Your thought: What a great idea. Dad loves to go on father-daughter bonding outings! His thought: I love my daughter, but why does she want to torture me? Sure, Dads loving spending time with their long lost daughters. Just make sure to buy two tickets to an event that he loves.

A Greeting Card (only)
To save time and money, I sometimes rush to the store on Father’s day, and run out the door with the best left over greeting card I can find. But let’s be real. A card with a few lines of pre-written text does not show my dad how much I really love him. Instead of grabbing an impersonal card, give yourself time to sit at a table and think about what to write in your own personally crafted card. A thoughtful gift is always perfect.

An Engraved Pen
Everyone could use a new pen, right? Wrong! Dad will love the thought but might not want to use this “special” pen for fear he will lose it. This stocking stuffer gift will likely end up inside a drawer, and buried below other assorted knick-knacks—never to be seen again.

Unless dad makes a specific request, resist the urge to get him a brand new button down, a tie, or his 100th t-shirt this year.

Novelty Items
Yes the Newston’s Cradle, hourglass sand timer, Chinese health balls, sand picture frame, and beer holster are fun to play with when you happen to cross paths with them. But they will likely transform into desktop decorations when they lose their initial appeal. Translation: Get dad something he wants to use for the long run, not something that may end up collecting dust.

Custom Socks
I admit that I am a novelty gift junkie, but I nearly always experience buyer’s remorse after purchasing one of these items. While socks with dad’s initials (for example) is like a cute idea in theory, I have a feeling dad appreciates you living in reality.

Gag Gifts
Refrain from gifts you might find hilarious, but can actually be construed as insulting. Are you about to purchase Fatherhood for Dummies? I predict you may not win dad’s heart with that one.

These cute “coupons”—if you will—offer written promises such as “Redeem for one free dinner of your choosing.” Vouchers are another example of a gift that says, “I had no time and I could not think of anything to get you.” Instead of writing a well-meaning promise on a piece of paper, pick your dad’s favorite restaurant and make a reservation.

A Cell Phone Case
Cell phone cases are like accessories. While I cannot get enough cases in every color and custom design, I doubt my dad shares the same enthusiasm. He may be a baseball fan, but does he really want a case with the NY Yankees logo all over it? Doubtful.