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Get The Glow

By Wendy Lewis
Posted On May 16, 2012

Color Correctors

The newest breed of dark-spot removers returns skin back to a youthful state of luminosity

By: Melissa Schweiger

Your love affair with the sun as a teenager can come back to haunt you—in the form of dark spots on the face. Not to mention the discoloration caused by hormonal changes, pregnancy, acne backlash and just about everything else that comes naturally.

“One of the most common reasons for developing dark spots is sun exposure,” says Dr. David Kriegel, director and founder of the Manhattan Center for Dermatology in New York City. “The sun induces the melanocytes in the skin to produce excess melanin, which is the substance that makes your skin darker. Essentially, the process is the same no matter what the source of the spot.”

Obviously, sunscreen is your first line of defense but it won’t reverse the damage. Thankfully, there are now some revolutionary new products on the market that do an excellent job of eradicating the effects of our flirtation with the sun, among other things.

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector
If you want: A prescription strength treatment.
What it does: Clinique’s plant-derived
technology attacks existing dark spots while
preventing new pigmentation. It smartly
exfoliates away the melanin when it’s done
demolishing the offensive spots.
How it works: The new CL-302
Complex is at the heart of this treatment.
Included also are the botanical extract
dianella ensifolia, a rare super-powered
antioxidant from Southeast Asia, and a
blackout yeast extract to break up
clusters of pigmentation.
Available at: www.clinique.com
Price: $49.50

Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skin Tone Illuminator
If you want: To give your skin a
lit-from-within glow.
What it does: This lightweight serum leaves
behind a gorgeous sheen to the skin while
evening out the complexion.
How it works: Two exclusive new technologies
called Triple Optic Technology and CorrectTone
Technology work to Photoshop your skin. The
proprietary blend of antioxidants and anti-irritants
color corrects, brightens and illuminates the complexion.
Available at: www.esteelauder.com
Price: $58

Peter Thomas Roth De-Spot
If you want: A gentle alternative to hydroquinone.
What it does: It reduces spots and hyper-
pigmentation by 85% in twelve weeks.
How it works: By using 21st Century ingredients
called ActiWhite and Illumiscin, which give results
comparable to hydroquinone. Another ingredient in
the mix, Chromabright, is more effective than kojic
acid at restoring an even skin tone.
Available at: www.peterthomasroth.com
Price: $75

Algenist Targeted Age Correcting Serum
If you want: A biotechnological approach to fighting dark spots.
What it does: Rejuvenates the complexion and jump-starts
the growth of new cells.
How it works: Algenist’s signature anti-aging ingredient
called alguronic acid, which was discovered by accident
when the team of scientists behind the brand were researching
microalgae-based renewable energy solutions; works with
oligopeptide and bearberry and licorice extracts, to inhibit
melanin production and brighten skin tone.
Available at: www.algenist.com
Price: $79

Clarins Vital Light Serum
If you want: Your skin to be able to reflect light again.
What it does: Lifts, tones and brightens the skin.
How it works: Three key ingredients do the hard work: The
active molecule hexylresorcinol blocks the enzymes that trigger the
production of dark toned melanin; waltheria, a plant extract, firms
the skin by stimulating collagen production; and cochlearia officinalis
acts as the fountain of youth by helping the skin retain its luminosity.
Available at: www.clarinsusa.com
Price: $85

Serious Serums

When it comes to getting nutrients into your skin, serums rock. Here are some recent top releases.

By: Zoe Schaeffer

Serums” seems to be a buzz word in the beauty world but most people are confused when it comes to their actual purpose. Quite simply, these silky emulsions push nutrients into the deepest layers of the skin due to their composition of small molecules—which are much smaller than those found in moisturizers. Often pricier than their creamy counterparts, they’re worth it once you understand how vital they are to your skin’s health. And the latest crop, infused with uber potent ingredients, does more than meets the eye.

Combining science with Symcalmin,
an anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and
anti-histimine, this protective serum
restores suppleness and elasticity in
mature skin. Dr. Sebagh Rose de Vie
Serum; $250, available at Barneys.

Cheek Bleach
This ground-breaking serum evens out
hyper-pigmentation and sun damage.
Rodial Skin Bleach Serum;
$98, available at Nordstrom.

For Eye Lines
With a high concentration of pure
vitamin C, known to improve the
appearance of skin’s aging when
stabilized, this treatment tackles
crow’s feet, wrinkles around the
eyes and laugh lines. Kiehls Powerful
Strength Line Reducing concentrate;
$56, available at kiehls.com.

Berry My Body
This organic firming serum is meant to
tone and strengthen the body by using
crowberry, a wild berry rich in anti-free
radicals. Absolution La Solution +
Fermete; $59, available at

Flame Down
Get a coveted glow with natural retinol,
vitamin C, essential amino acids and
natural anti-inflammatory agents in
this lipid serum. Sunday Riley Juno
Transformative Lipid Serum;
$125, available at sundayriley.com.

Advanced Idebenone technology,
a powerful antioxidant, gets
re-engineered to create a reserve
within the skin to diminish the
appearance of wrinkles, redness
and sun damage. Prevage Face
Advanced Anti-Aging Serum; $159,
available at prevageskin.com.

Sensual Healing

The sexy science of pheromones diffuses beyond fragrance to skincare!

By: Wendy Schmid

Flirty Little Secret Firming Cream with Pheromones $32; Firming Bronzer with Pheromones $32; available at bootyparlor.com.

Firm, silky skin is always seductive, but what if your anti-aging
body cream could give your sex appeal even more of a boost?
It can, if you dip into one of the pheromone-packed potions on
the market. Pheromones are biochemical signals we naturally
emit (animals do, too) that influence our attractiveness to the
opposite sex. You can’t smell pheromones, but the primitive
brain picks them up through the vomeronasal, a tiny organ in
the nose. Some doctors like dermatologist Nicholas V.
Perricone also believe they can improve mood and mental
clarity, as well as slow aging. (Perricone created his own
personal blend of pheromone liquid and uses it daily.)

Cleverly, companies like Booty Parlor and Fero Natural Luxury
have married (ahem) the benefits of pheromones with skin-
nourishing, collagen-stimulating peptides, marine extracts,
wheat proteins, and botanicals in body creams, scrubs, and
oils. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Victoria’s Secret angel
Alessandra Ambrosio are fans of Booty Parlor’s Flirty Little
Secret firming body creams, which contain UGL Complex to
increase surface-refining cell turnover, Tritisol XM to tighten,
and Bio-Bustyl to help replenish elasticity and firmness in
skin. Or you can treat yourself head to toe by smoothing on
Fero’s Firming Body Crème ($35) and vitamin-rich Lip Balm.
You may really enjoy the attention.