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Get Youthful Hair At Any Age With Three Expert-Approved Tricks

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jun 07, 2019
Get Youthful Hair At Any Age With Three Expert-Approved Tricks


All too soon, your previously manageable and smooth head of hair starts to change texture. (Thanks, hormones!) After a while, it becomes downright unruly. Since we’ve yet to learn how to stop the clock, Sharon Dorram of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger, offers some sage advice. These tips help her clients Kate Hudson and Christie Brinkley stay looking gorgeous, and will work for you, too.

1) A change of part. Surprisingly, not changing your part day after day, year after year, creates wear and tear that can leave you with a widening part and broken strands in that area. No thanks! Avoid this by switching to the opposite side every other day, trying an elegant middle part, or pulling hair back and skipping it completely.

2) A clean break. Days off can add lots of shine to overworked hair. Washing and styling removes much-needed moisture from the hair shaft. This exacerbates dryness and causes breakage and flyaways. When you do shampoo, consider a moisturizing formula.

3) Highlight hiatus. The “too much of a good thing” principal also applies to coloring— especially highlighting, which removes color from the cuticle, leaving it dull and rough. Fresh highlights may amp up your confidence level, but will take a toll on your hair’s health.