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Glass Hair

By Contributor
Posted On May 11, 2021
Glass Hair

by Jeannette Maya

Our friend, Jeannette Maya at @cutting2thechase on Instagram brings us the latest in hair trends that are already making waves in the streets and on the runway.

First there was this glass skin trend and now you’re probably curious what is Glass hair. A Glass like shiny style is the latest trend called glass hair and it’s taking over social media more than the side vs middle part saga.

The term “glass hair” simply describes hair so “glass like” shiny, incredibly smooth and soft that it almost looks like you’re looking in the mirror with a reflection off of glass. Intense color dimensions will help create a reflective shine look. Deep rich shades mainly because the shine is supposed to resemble a mirror making the hair almost look reflective when the hair is poker straight.

It is not a new trend but like anything fabulous does, glass hair has come full circle and back in our fashion world. Blunt and heavy clean crisp lines are best for this trend because layers will cause the light to reflect differently so having hair one even length will give you the highest glass hair look.

Shoulder length hair and the classic Bob will work best for this look. You can also get clear gloss coats at the salon which will seal the cuticle and create amazing shine! Make sure to apply product before blow drying to add shine and use a gloss or oil serum to smooth any frizzies on your ends afterwards.

It is very important you do not have buildup on your hair and that you shampoo your hair properly followed by freshly moisturizing your hair. This look will pretty much be impossible if your hair is under nourished, frizzy or dried out. Rest assured because there are so many shine serum‘s on the market you can try or ask your stylist which one they can recommend for your hair. Also make sure you’re not using the wrong product for a glossy look so you don’t end up damaging your hair. For example if you used a spray with salt as an ingredient like you would use when you are going for a beachy look or beach waving and then use your flat iron wand or curling iron on high heat to your hair you’re going to break your hair and It will burn baby burn!

Bella Hadid has been spotted with the glassy hair trend for quite some time. The Kardashians as well but truth be told those are really wigs so does it really count?