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Hair: Prevent and Treat Heat Damage

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jul 28, 2014

NEW YOU BEAUTY TIP: Follow this expert advice to defeat the heat while maintaining perfectly tamed hair.

Hair and heating tools share a love hate relationship. Although flat irons and blow dryers create the appearance of tamed, lustrous hair, their continued use also creates dried, damaged locks. With this conundrum, women are in need of a little education. Expert stylist Abraham Sprinkle offers tips on how to maintain beautifully styled hair while minimizing the long-term effects of heat tools.

Prevent hair damage by using the right products that protect and style the hair, and also diminish the need to use heat tools. Sprinkle’s secret weapon is Kerabalm, a high-quality BB cream for hair that controls and protects it from heat damage, and offers shine. Sprinkle also suggests shampooing the hair with any of the Keratin Complex products because the keratin component helps control frizz. A shining product, says the expert, is always great for the finishing touch because it will help the hair appear healthy.

If the hair is already damaged from constant heat tool usage, Sprinkle recommends using reparative and protective products like those in the Keratin Complex Infusion collection. These products infuse the cuticle with nourishing proteins and emollients. “Regular salon trims and conditioning treatments are also essential to add intense moisture and rid the hair of dead ends, allowing it to grow.”

When using heat tools, it’s important to first consider the current state of your hair health. Sprinkle recommends that those with excessive damage consider setting the heat tool to a lower temperature and using a heat protectant product. “The idea is similar to that of washing clothes: You would use Woolite on delicate garments to minimize risk of damage; not regular detergent,” says Sprinkle.