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Hidden Crown Hair Extensions: The Hair Hack that Gives Back

By Cameron Peek
Posted On May 23, 2017
Hidden Crown Hair Extensions: The Hair Hack that Gives Back

There’s a reason “Blake Lively Hair” has been searched over 14.6 million times on Google… everyone wants to have her hair. Whether it’s styled long, short, wavy or full-out Hollywood Glam, her hair is the envy of women everywhere. We call it the “Blake Lively Effect”, which has persuaded women to try all sorts of extensions and tricks to achieve those luscious locks. The truth is, some of us weren’t blessed with long tresses nor the perfect cheek bones that they tend to caress so easily. We can’t help you with the cheek bones, but we might have the “hair hack” to get Blake’s beautiful long hair. Our secret: Hidden Crown Hair Extensions, the no-mess, no problem hair extensions for all of us Blake Lively wannabees.Hidden Crown Hair Extensions

Most hair extensions can cost over $800 dollars, depending on the length, type of hair, installation and how long they’ll last. For example, keratin bond extensions cost $800-$1,400 because stylists add 80-150 small human hair strands throughout the hair. Stylists dip the extensions in keratin and use heat to bond it with original strands which will last four to five months. This process can take anywhere from four to five hours, what a drag! Did we mention the potential damage? Your scalp is strong, but when you suddenly add a lot of hair at once, it can pull on the scalp causing irritation and possibly headaches. If you go another route by using tight braids, you could cause breakage at the roots. Even worse, glue can burn the scalp and damage the hair more than you ever intended.

This is where Hidden Crown Hair Extensions comes in. Their motto, “No clips, no glue, no damage” describes just what Founder, Shelley Goodstein wanted the hair extensions to be. As a model, she knows what it takes to look model ready, hence the hair extensions that are easy to use and relatively affordable. The company uses Remy Hair (100% human hair) which is collected through a method in which the hair strands are aligned in the natural direction as they grew. This assures that the hair will feel smooth, just like your natural hair. The hair is also double-drawn (thick) and because it’s human hair, you can curl it, straighten it and style it just like you would with your own locks. If you want to see how easy it is, check out the video below for a quick tutorial on how to adjust your personal Hidden Crown.


The hair is bound together on a single, invisible wire-filament. The wire is so thin, that it can’t be seen on your hair part. If you’re worried about color-matching, their site takes care of that too. All you have to do is send one natural-light picture of your locks to their experts, and they will find the perfect extensions for you. They also come in all shades and sizes starting at twelve inches up to twenty inches and pricing starts under $200. What a steal! If you don’t believe us, check out one of the many positive testimonials below.

“Over the year I have tried different clip in extensions to wear for my tv appearances. They usually looked great except I didn’t feel like wearing them all day. They also always had to be check on to make sure no “tracks” “clips” were showing, which could happen unexpectedly. When we got out hands on Hidden Crown it was a whole new experience. The Hidden Crown hair extensions are one simple row on a thin clear “fishing line” type of band. The sit right around the head and underneath your natural hair. We gave them a try on Denise and they look so natural. We feel in love.”

-Dawn del Russon | On-Air Style ExpertHidden Crown Hair Extensions

Did we mention, you can bypass the clips, potentially damaging installation and frequent salon visits? After purchasing the hair, the company offers short videos on how to adjust your extensions for a perfect fit, similar to the video above. Professional hairstylist and makeup artist Bonnie B shows you just how easy it is to place the crown of hair extensions on your hair and pull the natural hair over top. She reigns from Southern California and does a lot of the tutorial videos for Hidden Crown. She shows everyone how gravity allows the extensions to sit on your head and blend with your hair naturally. Bonnie B is just one of the many women who has short hair yet can experience long hair with these innovative extensions.


  1. If you want to throw your hair up for the day this video shows you how to do high ponytails with the extensions in, whereas regular extensions are meant to lie flat and won’t allow for topknots and high ponytails.
  2. The extensions use Remy Hair (human hair) and you only need to wash them every 2-4 months.
  3. Itchy scalp? Not a problem, because the extensions don’t use glue.
  4. You don’t have to worry getting them redone at the salon because they’re removable.
  5. No such thing as remnants of tar-like glue stuck in your hair for days after you get them removed because they’re on a wire filament.
  6. The extensions won’t weaken your roots or leave any bald spots.
  7. Want your short hair back? Just slide the extensions out and voila, short hair in seconds!
  8. They can last anywhere from four months to one year.
  9. No worries, they won’t get tangled when you sleep because you can take them out.

Hidden Crown Hair ExtensionsLife isn’t always about the “Blake Lively look” though. These hair extensions have helped women in all walks of life, including those who have beaten cancer or been diagnosed with Alopecia Areata (sudden hair loss that results in bald patches).

Below is a testimonial from a woman who used the Hidden Crown after beating cancer.

“I’m still here, I beat cancer!  My hair is just coming back in.  It’s about an inch probably. My husband took the wire out of mine [Hidden Crown Extension] and then he put velcro on it and on the inside of several hats.  I just put on my hats and there I was again!  I can’t tell you how happy that made me.”
-Courtney Sebastian

This past October, the company also released the new Crown Topper, which is designed to add fullness and volume at the top of the head. It’s a hand-sewn hair extension that uses a see-through mesh backing and four clips. It’s thick at the roots and tapers off at the end, to give a natural look. It was created for all women especially those with hair loss that comes from stress, illness, aging or alopecia areata. In the video below, the woman used a Hidden Crown Extension and Crown Topper to cover her alopecia areata.

This “hair hack” gives back in more ways than one. First, they don’t abuse your hair or cause damage like other extensions. Second, they are cost friendly compared to salon extensions that take hours to put in. Most importantly they are an avenue for empowering women. Whether you’re a mom, teenager, a cancer survivor, or Blake Lively wannabee, every woman deserves to feel beautiful and Hidden Crown provides a product that does simply that.