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Holiday Hues To Rock This Season

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On Dec 28, 2015
Holiday Hues To Rock This Season

Believe it or not, your choice of lipstick [potentially] sends a powerful message about your character and the way people perceive you. Your lip color encompasses a signature style and brings out your personality in the most distinct ways. For instance, rocking a bold red lip embodies a luscious look in comparison to a gothic dark shade that generally sends off the notion of “don’t kill my vibe.”

So ladies when choosing the perfect holiday hue be sure to choose wisely because remember you’re revealing an inner piece of you. Besides, that rosy red lip or deep wine burgundy can largely determine who asks you out on your next hot date. Hmmmm 

Photo Credit: Ecco Bella
Photo Credit: Ecco Bella

In case you need a little help in selecting the perfect rouge, here are a few naturally preserved, gluten and fragrance-free options by Ecco Bella.

  • Photo Credit: Ecco Bella/ Vitamin E Lip Smoother (Rhubarb)
    Photo Credit: Ecco Bella/ Vitamin E Lip Smoother (Rhubarb)

    Rhubarb is an organic Vitamin E Lip Smoother, produced with FlowerColor which is the traditional wax coating used to protect flower petals preservatives and moisture. Additionally, it is the ideal lip treatment that can be worn alone, under or over lipstick for an added splash of pizzazz.


  • Are you ready to spice up your life with this sensational smoother? The name Spice says it all! Inspired by nature’s richness, one glide of this soothing agent will instantly alleviate lip cracks or dullness but at the same time provide a touch of color and shine.


  • Looking for that soft finish? Ecco Bella’s Merlot will get the job done! A vegan lipstick that moisturizes your lips without the typical flakiness or chapping. Not to mention the sight of this deep red hue is just as mouthwatering as the wine itself.
Photo Credit: Ecco Bella
Photo Credit: Ecco Bella Peach Rose
  • Comprised of healthy ingredients ranging from vegetable waxes to mineral pigments, Peach Rose is the ultimate solution to set the mood for an enchanting kiss with your sweets beneath the mistletoe.

Now it’s time to pucker up and show off the power behind your lip color this holiday season.  After all it is one of the best accessories you’ll ever wear. Smooches!