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Hollywood, Disney, and the NFL say Bye to Georgia

By Ana Marino
Posted On Mar 25, 2016
Hollywood, Disney, and the NFL say Bye to Georgia

For those of you who have not heard, the state of Georgia just passed a bill that allows religious freedom. According to BusinessInsider.com, people fear that if the bill gets approved by Gov. Nathan Deal, most NGOs, adoption shelters and churches will start discriminating the LGBT community. Not only that, but apparently the bill is left to interpretation and there might be a possibility that business and hospitals might start discriminating too.

As a way to revolt, Disney, Hollywood film companies, and the NFL have boycotted the state. They have threaten the legislators that if the bill gets approved, they will remove all of their projects from the state.

That means no more PLL filming or The Vampire Diaries. And say bye bye to the dream of having a Super Bowl in Georgia. Disney also commented that if any law passes that allows discrimination they will take their filming elsewhere.

This bill was created by Sen. Greg Kirk. He said that what motivated him to create this bill was last year’s Supreme Court decision on gay marriage.

All of those opposing the bill still have faith that Gov. Deal will not sign it. An action from the governor is expected to be taken during April’s bill review time.

Artists, like Ellen DeGeneres, expressed their thoughts on Social Media:






Cover Photo Credits:  Shutterstock.com