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Household Eye Makeup Remover

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jan 21, 2014

Vaseline is a household name that heals cuts and burns and is the perfect remedy for dry skin and chapped lips. One less popular use for Vaseline is a beauty secret that could change your daily makeup removing routine. Vaseline doubles as a less expensive, more effective alternative to eye makeup remover.  Use it to remove mascara, eyeliner and shadow instead of harsh, expensive beauty products.

How To Use:

Simply dab a pea-sized amount of Vaseline on the tips of your index fingers.  Close eyes and gently smooth Vaseline onto your eyelids.  Take a damp cotton pad and wipe across your eyes from the inner to outer corners until makeup disappears.  Leave some of the excess petroleum jelly behind; it will create a hydrating, protective layer that takes the place of eye cream.